Hunter Education Course Schedule
Dec 13 2019 – Dec 5 2020 all-day

Check the Hunter Education Course Schedule for new & updated class dates for Hunter Education, Field Day/Live Fire, and Bowhunter Education.  We also offer online course options for New Mexico residents 11 years of age or older.

Girl Scouts Fishing Clinic @ Hobbs
Dec 14 all-day

This clinic is sponsored by the Hobbs area Girl Scouts. The clinic will begin with a lesson on fish biology to include proper fish handling techniques. This will be followed with a lesson on knots, equipment assembly, hook safety, casting and baits. The scouts and their families will spend the rest of the day fishing. This event is closed to the public and only for the participating group.

Contact organizer for time and location.

Instructor Workshops, Hunter Education
Dec 14 all-day

Becoming a certified hunter and/or bowhunter instructor with the department is EASY!

See the Hunter Education Instructor page.

Wildlife Presentation @ Meadowlark Senior Center
Jan 16 all-day

The Department will be giving a wildlife presentation to members of the Meadowlark Senior Center. This event is not open to the public and is only for residents or members of the Meadowlark Senior Center.

Contact organizer for time and location.