Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation

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Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy

Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy helps conserving New Mexico’s biodiversity

Welcome to the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy for New Mexico (CWCS/NM)
Conserving New Mexico’s Biodiversity

This Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy for New Mexico is a product of the people and represents both a culmination and a springboard.

The Strategy is a culmination of two years of efforts on the part of resource professionals, conservation organizations, commodity interests, private individuals, tribal interests, municipal governments, and others to construct a better wildlife conservation overview for New Mexico. Those efforts have been directed by a national initiative for accomplishing such a perspective through Congressional interest in the State Wildlife Grants program. The need for comprehensive strategies has been recognized for many years and led to establishment of the October 2005 deadline for states to present strategies that address local and state-level conservation needs and which promote an ability to advise regional and national perspectives on wildlife conservation at landscape scales.

Importantly, this draft Strategy is the springboard to an important conservation future for wildlife in New Mexico and the Southwest. In addressing the eight essential elements prescribed by Congress for strategy construction, New Mexico has consolidated important insight about long – term needs of wildlife in the state, articulated an ecologically based approach to strategic actions that reverse declines and maintain beneficial population levels, and formulated the public engagement processes necessary to ensure involvement in, and acceptance and implementation of conservation strategies for years to come.

This Strategy is dedicated to expressing sensible approaches to conserving biological diversity in New Mexico in context with surrounding areas. We identify focus points on species and habitats warranting conservation actions. Further, we organize existing information and recognize where important information gaps remain. From that foundation, we identify cooperative and collaborative approaches to addressing the most important wildlife and habitat conservation needs in time and cost effective ways. The potential of this Strategy can only be realized through a broad array of natural resource agencies, other public programs, and private interests, all accepting this approach, being guided by it in operational planning, and pulling together to implement the actions.

Note: The Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy for New Mexico will be in effect through 2015, at which time it will be revised and updated (see State Wildlife Action Plan) to identify current Species of Greatest Conservation Need and associated conservation actions that reflect changing conditions across the state.