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Last Updated: 1/4/2012

Desert bighorn sheep in southwestern NM.

Environment Habitat Handbook


The New Mexico Game and Fish Habitat Handbook is provided in an effort to encourage incorporation of conservation practices in the earliest possible stages of project development. It contains conservation measures, with respect to specific land use practices, targeted toward minimizing impacts of projects on wildlife and wildlife habitats.


Entities requesting NMGF biological reviews are directed to send documents to both the Santa Fe and appropriate area office (see NMGF Area Map). The Department requests that inquiries include the following information.


  • Project proponent contact information
  • Location (be as specific as possible-- county, address, legal location etc.) and maps
  • Project description including timing of project implementation
  • Site description, including information such as topography, vegetation types and drainages. Photographs of the project site are helpful.
  • Any analysis of project effects that has been completed, or reference to effects of similar previous projects
  • Proposed mitigation activities
  • Environmental documentation (EA, EIS), if applicable
  • Project comments are normally completed and comments returned within 30 days of receipt.


Project Guidelines

Urraca Wildlife Area in northern NM.

Habitat Specialist Information and Locations