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Habitat Stamp Program  

Last Updated: 12/09/2008

Habitat Stamp Areas


Stamp Fee: $5


A wildlife Habitat Improvement Stamp or validation is required, in addition to the proper license, to fish, hunt or trap on US Forest Service (USFS) and US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands and waters in New Mexico. The money is used by these two agencies to improve our forests, lakes and streams as a long-term investment in habitat for wildlife and to help assure our game and fish a place to live and rear their young. The projects are reviewed by five citizens advisory committees from different parts of the state submitted to the State Game Commission, and carried out in cooperation with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.


The “stamp“ has become a habitat improvement check box validating its purchase on a current New Mexico hunting, fishing or trapping license. A signed license with habitat improvement validation meets this requirement. It must be in the user's possession while hunting, fishing or trapping on USFS and BLM lands.


The Habitat Stamp is a one-time, annual purchase. That is, the same stamp or validation is valid for fishing, hunting and trapping on any and all USFS and BLM lands. If a person has a stamp or a validation on a fishing license, for example, and later purchases a hunting license, they do not need to purchase a second stamp or validation. However, they must have the stamp or validated fishing license with them to show that they have met the requirement if they are hunting on USFS or BLM lands.


The stamp or validation expires at the end of the license year, i.e., March 31st !


The stamp or validation is required on the following national forest areas:


  •   Carson National Forest
  •   Cibola National Forest
  •   Coronado National Forest
  •   Gila National Forest
  •   Lincoln National Forest
  •   Santa Fe National Forest
  •   Kiowa National Grasslands
  •   All BLM properties (except those in Game Unit 28)


The stamp or validation is not required on the following lands:


  •   County lakes, streams and properties
  •   Indian pueblos and reservations
  •   Municipal lakes, streams and properties
  •   NM Department of Game and Fish big game and waterfowl areas; and department fishing areas not located on USFS lands
  •   NM State School Trust lands
  •   Private lands
  •   US Army Corps of Engineer lakes and properties
  •   US Bureau of Reclamation lakes and properties
  •   US Fish and Wildlife Service refuges
  •   US military installations


The following lists point out some specific public areas where the stamp or validation is required.


Northwest New Mexico


  •   Chama River within Carson NF
  •   Hopewell Lake
  •   McGaffey Lake
  •   San Gregorio Lake


Northeast New Mexico


  •   Canadian River at Mills Canyon
  •   Orilla Verde Recreation Area
  •   Pecos River between Cowles and Pecos where it flows through Santa Fe NF
  •   Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River where it flows through BLM lands
  •   Red River Wild and Scenic River where it flows through BLM lands
  •   Red River above and below the town of Red River where it flows through Carson NF
  •   Valle Vidal


Southeast New Mexico


  •   Cedar Hills - Pine Lodge
  •   Delaware River (BLM)
  •   Pecos River from Malaga to Red Bluff
  •   Rio Bonito Creek (USFS)
  •   Rio Bonito - Fort Stanton area (BLM)


Southwest New Mexico


  •   Gila River
  •   Lake Roberts
  •   Quemado Lake
  •   Snow Lake
  •   Willow Creek


The following lists point out some specific public areas where the stamp or validation is not required.


Northwest New Mexico


  •   Abiquiu Lake
  •   Burns Canyon Lake
  •   Bluewater Lake
  •   Cochiti Lake
  •   Drains and ditches in Albuquerque area
  •   El Vado Lake
  •   Fenton Lake
  •   Heron Lake
  •   all other fishing and hunting areas in GMU 4
  •   Jackson Lake
  •   Jemez Canyon Dam
  •   Lake Farmington
  •   Los Alamos Reservoir
  •   Manzano Lake
  •   Morgan Lake
  •   Navajo Lake
  •   Ramah Lake
  •   Tingley Beach


Northeast New Mexico


  •   Charette Lake
  •   Cimarron River
  •   Clayton Lake
  •   Coyote Creek
  •   Conchas Lake
  •   Dry Cimarron
  •   Eagle Nest Lake
  •   Gallinas Ice Pond
  •   Lake Alice
  •   Lake Maloya
  •   Maxwell Lake No. 13
  •   McAllister Lake
  •   Monastery Lake
  •   Mora Campground on Pecos River
  •   Morphy Lake
  •   Pecos River (the parts within the Bert Clancy Fishing Area)
  •   Rio Costilla downstream of Valle Vidal
  •   Springer Lake
  •   Storrie Lake
  •   Tucumcari (or Ladd Gordon) Lake
  •   Ute Lake
  •   Villanueva State Park
  •   White's Peak


Southeast New Mexico


  •   Alto Lake
  •   Avalon Lake
  •   Bataan
  •   Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge
  •   Black Lake
  •   Bonito Lake
  •   Bottomless Lakes
  •   Brantley Lake
  •   Carlsbad Municipal Lake
  •   Cottonwood Creek
  •   Eunice Lake
  •   Felix River
  •   Green Meadow Lake
  •   Grindstone Lake
  •   Lake Van
  •   Maddox Lake
  •   Penasco River
  •   Power Dam Lake
  •   Rio Ruidoso
  •   Willow Lake


Southwest New Mexico


  •   Bear Canyon Lake
  •   Bill Evans Lake
  •   Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
  •   Burn Lake
  •   Caballo Lake
  •   Elephant Butte Lake
  •   Escondida Lake
  •   Glenwood Pond
  •   Leasburg Dam
  •   Mesilla Dam
  •   Percha Dam
  •   Rio Grande Pond
  •   Sevillita National Wildlife Refuge
  •   White Sands Missile Range