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Habitat Stamp Program  

Last Updated: 6/4/04



Locked Gate on RoadNWF5, Gate and Sign Installation, Jicarilla Ranger District, Carson National Forest.


Over a period of several years gates were installed on numerous roads on the Jicarilla District. These gates restrict vehicle access and thereby disturbance to wildlife. Foot and horse access is encouraged. Surveys indicate that wildlife densities, are higher in areas protected by the gates.




Fence closing road into riparian areaSEB8, Riparian Pasture Development, Roswell Field Office.


This project completed on the Ft. Stanton Special Management Area consisted of protecting the riparian corridor with the installation of a fence. In addition, salt cedar was removed and eroding stream banks were stabalized.





Laydown fence near TaosNEB1, Pot Mountain Laydown Fence, Taos Field Office.


Fences may act as a barrier to the free movement of wildlife. Laydown fences are used in areas where seasonal use by livestock require fencing. However, during the winter months when livestock are not present, these fences can be laid on the ground and the barrier "disappears".