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Last Updated: 09/17/2007

Stan Sisneros
Stanley Sisneros, September 2007
Employee of the Month

Stanley Sisneros



Application Developer 3


Area of Responsibility:

Develop and maintain web based applications.



New Mexico State University

Minneapolis College


Length of Service:

Three years


Specialty or Interest:

Family, sports, playing guitar, fishing and camping


Current Projects/Assignments:

New web based data entry system.


Best Thing About the Job:

The people are friendly. I get to focus primarily on programming and learning new technologies.


Most Common Question People Have:

Can you run a query for me?



Of course! I would be happy to. What query would you like me to run for you? Please be sure to submit a help desk ticket.


Contact Information:

476-8000 or


Other Important Information :

Remember your username and password for our online application system.