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Last Updated: 1/28/2014

Employee of the Month


Angelica Gurule, January 2014

Position: Executive secretary.

Area of responsibility: Provide administrative support to the director, executive staff and the State Game Commission.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science, University of New Mexico.
  • Master's degree in Sustainable Environmental Resource Management, University of Malta.
  • Master's degree in Information, Science and Technology, James Madison University.

    Length of service: Eight months.

Specialty or interest:
My current interest is my 1-year-old son, Alexander. I also have special interests in photography, cooking and traveling. My next travel destination is Cuzco, Peru.

Current projects or assignments: Working with Southwick and Associates, Alexa Sandoval and Dan Brooks to develop a report that will highlight economic contributions of hunting, angling and trapping for each county in New Mexico. I'm also working with R.J. Kirkpatrick and James Moree to implement a Wild-game Meat Donation Program to feed the less fortunate. Besides these fun projects, I am busy supporting the day-to-day operations of the administration and the State Game Commission.

Best thing about the job: Working with a really respectful and professional group of people. Everyone I encounter at Game and Fish is willing to help accomplish the task at hand.

Most common question people have:

External: Can you help me get a hunting license? Internal: Where's R.J.? Dan? Allison?


Answer: External: I laugh and say no. Internal: In a meeting; I'll let them know you stopped by.

Contact information:



Angelica Gurule
Angelica Gurule, January 2014 Employee of the Month