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Last Updated: 07/14/2014

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Education Materials


The Department offers numerous educational opportunities, including detailed Species Information, Wildlife Trunks for teachers and a variety of Wildlife Posters.


Species Information



Wildlife Education Trunks


Wildlife critter boxes on a variety of species are available for loan to educators. Critter boxes often contain skulls, skeletal parts such as antlers, horns, etc., hides, scat, tracks, videos, children's literature and a Teachers Guide.


Contact Kevin or Colleen for information on the following critter boxes:


  • Aquatic Bird Adaptations
  • Bear
  • Bosque Mammals
  • Desert Wildlife
  • Elk
  • Forest Carnivores
  • Grasslands
  • Kids-to-Hatcheries Educator's Guide
    with supplemental materials kit: check out available at any State Fish Hatchery
  • Predator-Prey
  • Rocky Mountain Wildlife
  • Skulls
  • Track Mold




Posters featuring various New Mexico wildlife species. For complete listings contact Kevin or Colleen.


Coloring Books


New Mexico Wildlife Coloring Books: Written at about the 5th-grade reading level, the coloring books include professional black-line art of New Mexico wildlife and habitats along with the state map locator for each species. See Publications for latest versions.
Aquatic Wildlife of New Mexico
Aquatic Wildlife
of New Mexico [PDF]
Endangered Species of New Mexico
Endangered Species
of New Mexico [PDF]
Life Zones and Habitats of New Mexico
Life Zones
of New Mexico [PDF]
Wildlife of New Mexico
of New Mexico [PDF]



Kevin Holladay
Conservation Education Coordinator

Phone: (505) 476-8095
Fax: (505) 476-8116

Colleen Welch
Conservation Education Co-Coordinator

Phone: (505) 476-8119

Fax: (505) 476-8116