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Last Updated: 3/21/2014

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Project WILD and Project WILD Aquatic.....


Project WILD and Project WILD Aquatic are national award-winning conservation and environmental education curricula for K-12 students. Activities focus on wildlife, wildlife habitat and fostering responsible action toward natural resources. Sponsored by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.



  • Include an international network of students, educators, parents, community leaders, education administrators, representatives of resource agencies and conservation groups.
  • Are ideal for teaching science, social studies, language arts, math, art, physical education and music.
  • Utilize innovative techniques for teaching basic skills.
  • Are teacher friendly, using activity guides designed and tested by teachers.
  • Are designed for diverse teaching and learning styles.
  • Can be used in schools, nature centers, camp and scout programs or zoo settings.
  • Model effective methods for teaching problem-solving and decision making.
  • Are correlated to the National Science Standards and to Excellence in Environmental Education: Guidelines for Learning-National Academy of Science and North American Association for Environmental Education.
  • Are extensively reviewed, tested and evaluated.
  • NEW in 2013! Project WILD Aquatic completely revised with new activities, new and current background information, new graphics, STEM integrations and grade-level structure.

Volunteer Project WILD Facilitator


Help grow Project WILD in New Mexico!  Become part of a team of Volunteer Facilitators conducting professional development workshops across the state. Provide teachers with direct, hands-on experience with Project WILD activities.


Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer Facilitator include:

- Recognition as a role model and leader in New Mexico environmental education.

- Professional development opportunities, including invitations to all Natural History Workshops.

- Ready access to the latest wildlife education resources.

- Access to the most current information about wildlife and conservation in New Mexico.

The Commitment

- Volunteer facilitators are expected to lead or assist with at least one workshop per year. 

- The time commitment will vary depending on the type of WILD workshop and your experience level.


- Attend at least two workshops in NM (any combination of WILD/WET/PLT) before applying.

- Have at least one year experience leading education programs, formal or non-formal.

- Complete the program application and interview process.



Share YOUR Excitement for Conservation and Wildlife Education - Become a Volunteer Project WILD Facilitator.
Applications and more information are available by contacting:

Project WILD Coordinators
Kevin Holladay
(505) 476-8095

Colleen Welch
(505) 476-8119


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