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Career Advancement 

Last Updated: 3/07/2014


Promoted to Private Land Specialists Supervisor


Tim Cimbal, Private Land Specialists Supervisor
Officer Tim Cimbal, Private Land Specialists Supervisor
Tim Cimbal, Private Land Specialists Supervisor

Officer Tim Cimbal


Officer Tim Cimbal



Private Land Specialists Supervisor, Wildlife Management Division


Special Area of Responsibility/Game Mgmt Units:

Private Lands Statewide



Bachelor of Science, Environmental Studies Policy and Management Degree


Length of Service:

9 years


Specialty or Interest:

The concept of which makes a strong conservation officer involving both biological and law enforcement compliance applications.


Current Projects/Assignments:

Implementing a program in which a private landowner is selected within New Mexico as a “steward of the land”.  This project is designed to promote and bring to attention the hard work of a private landowner done to better the habitat for wildlife on their land.


Best Thing About the Job:

I am able to both implement and supervise the implementation of ideas and projects to assist private landowners in becoming involved with habitat projects on their land.  This gives me the opportunity to have a great influence on improving the quality of New Mexico’s wildlife habitat, while still remaining a commissioned conservation officer able to enforce the statutes, rules and regulations set in place to protect New Mexico’s wildlife.


Most Common Question People Have:

What programs does the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish have to assist a private landowner?



The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish offers programs such as E-PLUS, A-PLUS, incentive programs, depredation assistance programs, Open Gate, and funding available to assist private landowners with habitat improvement work.  If we do not have a program to fit your needs, I have professional relationships with other state and federal agencies that may be a great fit for your needs.


Contact Information:

Call 505-222-4721 or email


Important Information:

I like to get outdoors as often as possible be it by mountain bike, hiking, jeep four-wheeling, or just a family excursion to the back yard to work the land and catch bugs.