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Career Advancement  

Last Updated: 03/17/09

Promotion from Chama District Supervisor to Assistant Chief of Wildlife Management Division

Officer Frybarger in field

Officer Frybarger in the field checking on habitat conditions


Tim Frybarger


Assistant Division Chief Wildlife Management Division

Special Area of Responsibility/Game Mgmt Units:

Statewide game management - all game management units


Bachelor of Science Degree - Wildlife Science

Length of Service:

20 years

Specialty or Interest:

I enjoy both hunting and fishing

Current Projects/Assignments:

Big Game rule development and hunting structure development for the futrure

Best Thing About the Job:

There are new challenges every day and wide variety of issues that constantly require decisions relating to game management

Most Common Question People Have:

Where should I go elk hunting?


Anywhere, it's all good! However, call me (information below) and I'll tell you the better unit and quality hunts.

Contact Information (email & Dept. phone): or phone 505-476-8032