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Public Comment - 19.35.7 NMAC 

Last Updated: 08/06/07


Importation Rules open for PUBLIC COMMENT!


GOALS for Rule Amendment

  • Amend Importation rule in effort to facilitate support to Pet Industry (where compatible with Commission’s rules)
  • Education & provide adherence to established rules
  • Maximize safeguards for State populations of protected wildlife & public safety considerations
  • Proactive disease prevention & undesirable species introduction/establishment


Background of the LAW

Importation of all wild by nature animals may only occur in New Mexico after a permit is issued.  Do not bring any wild by nature animal into the state if you have not received a permit from the Department of Game and Fish.


Current Importation Law -

In order to protect game animals, birds and fish against importation of undesirable species and introduction of infectious or contagious diseases, it is a misdemeanor to import any live animals, birds or fish into this state, except domesticated animals or domesticated fowl or fish from government hatcheries, without first obtaining a permit from the department of game and fish [17-3-32. Importing game animals; permits. (1963)].


COMMENT HERE - click here to comment on Importation Rule

or write Pat Snyder, Law Enforcement Division, NM Game & Fish, PO Box 25112, Sante Fe, NM 87504

or call Pat at 505-476-8062.


REVIEW CURRENT RULE (19.35.7 NMAC) - This will take you to the current importation rule established by the State Game Commission.