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Last Updated: 07/01/05

July 2005


Officer Denny weighing and sampling Brook trout
Officer Denny measuring fingerling Brook Trout



Shawn Denny

Duty Station:



Special Area of Responsibility/Game Mgmt Units:

Southeast Area, Santa Rosa, Sumner, Brantley, Pecos River, Ruidoso Area



BA in Fisheries and Wildlife Management from NMSU


Length of Service:

8.5 years


Specialty or Interest:

Warm water reservoir management


Current Projects/Assignments:

SEA fisheries management, accessing impacts of golden algae caused fish kills on Pecos River.

Officer Denny search for illegal game heads reportedly dumped in pond
Officer Denny searching for alleged poaching evidence that was reportedly disposed of in pond


Best Thing About the Job:

Working to improve a resource I enjoy and the challenge of working in and with a changing environment.


Most Common Question People Have:

Why are the fish dead?



Toxic algae bloom of golden algae.


Contact Information:

505-624-6135, e-mail