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Officer of the Month 

Last Updated: 04/27/04

April 2007

Officer Ahlm with captured deer fawn

Officer Ahlm with deer fawn that will be taken to wildlife rehabilitator

Officer Ahlm with tranquilized bear cub
Officer Ahlm with tranquilized bear cub that is being relocated to safe den site



Mike Ahlm

Duty Station:

District Wildlife Officer- Las Vegas

Special Area of Responsibility/Game Mgmt Units:

GMU 42, 43,45,46, McAlister Lake , Storrie Lake , Gallinas River .


B.S. (1998) and M.S. (2000) in Wildlife Science- New Mexico State University

Length of Service:

7 years

Specialty or Interest:

Bighorn sheep research, and wildlife capture and transplant operations are key to replacing and introducing game in some areas. Also, I specialize in chemical immobilization and capture of large animals.

Current Projects/Assignments:

Coordinating and teaching Hunter Education courses in the Las Vegas Area, checking for license and bag limit complaince at all public waters around Las Vegas, assisting with aerial antelope surveys throughout the Northeast area, developing a motion-sensor "scarecrow" for deterring nuisance wildlife, and recruiting landowners for the Department's "Open Gate" program.

Best Thing About the Job:

My most enjoyable days as a Conservation Officer happen in the late summer and early fall while working horseback in the Pecos Wilderness, either patrolling the wilderness to ensure complaince of game and fish laws or assisting with management of the Pecos bighorn sheep herd.

Most Common Question People Have:

How does one become a Game Warden?


You have to be willing to dedicate the time and effort to finishing college, and be willing to work for less compensation than your college degree could otherwise provide.   Click here to check out our website for Conservation Officer Requirements.

Contact Information:

 Phone (505) 426-8273 or email