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Officer of the Month 

Last Updated: 10/03/07

October 2007

Officer Jaramillo checking a youth pheasant hunter on the Casa Colorado Wildlife Management Area
Officer Jaramillo assisting youth pheasant hunter on Casa Colorado Wildlife ManagementArea
Officer Jaramillo assisting with Mexican wolf capture
Officer Jaramillo assisting with Mexican wolf capture project



Donald Jaramillo         

Duty Station:    


Special Area of Responsibility/Game Mgmt Units:      

Field Training Officer / Bernardo and La Joya Waterfowl Management Areas / GMU 13 La Drone Mts. (northeast), 14 Manzano Mts. (southwest), 18 Chupadera (north)


Bachelors of Science from NMSU

Length of Service:        

13 years fulltime 1994 to present plus 8 months as a coop student in 1992

Specialty or Interest:

Waterfowl hunting along the Middle Rio Grande Valley / Firearms instruction

Current Projects/Assignments:

Oversee and provide training to newly hired officers so as they will be able to work independently when assigned to district.   / Provide and oversee firearms training and qualifications for the NW Area Operations Division.   

Best Thing About the Job:

Assist in the management and protection of some of New Mexico 's most treasured natural resources.  

Most Common Question People Have:  

When are they going to start filling the ponds at Bernardo and La Joya?


The department is not entitled to divert the water until after irrigation season ends which is typically not till the end of October.

Contact Information:

Email is and phone number is 505-861-1861

Other Important Advice:

Don't feed the Bears!