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Please use the map below to locate New Mexico Department of Game & Fish offices, hatcheries and wildlife preserves near you. The information is also available on Google Maps here: NMDGF Locations.

Map Santa Fe Office

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Regional Offices

Northwest Office:
Tim Cimbal, Captain
3841 Midway Place NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Phone: (505) 222-4700
Fax: (505) 222-4720
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Northeast Office:
Clint Henson, Captain
215 York Canyon Road
Raton, NM 87740
Phone: (575) 445-2311
Fax: (575) 445-5651
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Southwest Office:
Mike Matthews, Captain
2715 Northrise Drive
Las Cruces, NM 88011
Phone: (575) 532-2100
Fax: (575) 522-8382
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Southeast Office:
Andrew Gray, Captain
1912 W. Second Street
Roswell, NM 88201
Phone: (575) 624-6135
Fax: (575) 624-6136
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State Fish Hatcheries

Also see our Fish Hatcheries page.

Glenwood Fish Hatchery
Manager, Leonard Rice
Box 67, Glenwood, NM 88039
Phone: (575) 539-2461
Fax: (575) 539-2460
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Lisboa Springs Fish Hatchery
Manager, Scott Bernard
HC 74 Box 61, Pecos, NM 87552
Phone: (505) 757-6360
Fax: (505) 757-2380
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Los Ojos Fish Hatchery
Manager, Andy Delp
PO Box 7, Los Ojos, NM 87551
Phone: (575) 588-7307
Fax: (575) 588-7082
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Red River Fish Hatchery
Manager, Daniel Evans
PO Box 410, Questa, NM 87556
Phone: (575) 586-0222
Fax: (575) 586-0783
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Rock Lake Fish Hatchery
Manager, Max Tenrio
HCR 69 Box 580, Santa Rosa, NM 88435
Phone: (575) 472-3690
Fax: (575) 472-3710
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Seven Springs Fish Hatchery
Manager, Tony Jacobson
346 FR 314, Jemez Springs, NM 87025
Phone: (575) 829-3740
Fax: (575) 829-3813
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Wildlife & Waterfowl Management Areas

Also see our Wildlife Management Areas page.

Ladd S. Gordon Waterfowl Complex

Manager, David Wilson
NM 116 Box 164B, Bosque, NM 87006
Phone: (505) 864-9187
Fax: (505) 861-1209
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William S. Huey Wildlife Area
Manager, Sam Cordova
PO Box 124, Lakewood, NM 88254
Phone: (575) 748-8823
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Jackson Lake Wildlife Area
Manager, Randy Waldrip
436 Hwy 170, Farmington NM 87401
Phone: (505) 564-4965
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