Population Management Hunts

Residents and nonresidents wishing to be considered for Population Management Hunts for Barbary sheep, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, ibex, oryx or pronghorn must select the 5th-choice option on the draw application for the appropriate species.

Applications must be completed online or by telephone by March 20. Applicants must apply for at least one regular draw hunt choice to be eligible for the Population Management Hunt of the same species. By choosing this option hunters are indicating their willingness, if unsuccessful in drawing their 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice, to be placed on a list of eligible hunters for that species.

Should a Population Management Hunt become necessary, a NMDGF official will contact hunters to notify them of the hunt areas, dates, bag limit, allowable sporting arms and any other special restrictions. The hunter will be asked to accept or decline a hunt. If a hunter declines, another hunter will be contacted. Bag limits for Population Management Hunts will be primarily female animals, since these hunts are intended to reduce populations in specific areas.

Choosing a Population Management Hunt option is not a guarantee the applicant will be contacted for a hunt. Population management hunters must file a harvest report.

Silver City Deer Management

Hunters holding a valid Archery Deer License for Units 23 and 24 (except Burro Mountain Hunt in Unit 23) and who did not harvest a deer during their hunt will be allowed to hunt for antlerless deer within the Silver City Deer Management Area (as determined by NMDGF) from Jan. 16–Feb. 5, 2019. See pg 57-58 Deer Licenses for details in the 2018-19 New Mexico Hunting Rules & Info.

Icon of Silver City Deer Management Area 2019 Silver City Deer Management Area 2019

White Sands Missile Range (WSMR): If selecting the 5th-choice option for oryx, applicants must have arranged to receive a hunt authorization code from an approved WSMR 2019 Security Sponsor (see page 108). The applicant must enter the hunt authorization code in his/her oryx 5th-choice hunt application. This applies only to population management oryx hunts that occur on WSMR. Do not select WSMR options if you do not have an authorization code.

Population Management Hunt Fees

If unsuccessful for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice, applicants will be refunded the license fee.

If a hunter is contacted and accepts a 5th-choice hunt, she/he will be required to purchase the appropriate license(s) with tag for the species that she/he will hunt (page 13, Draw License Fees).

White Sands Missile Range and Jornada Experimental Range each charge a $150 access fee to all oryx hunters. Other federal agencies may charge access fees. Choosing the Oryx Population Management Hunt implies acceptance of additional fees should a hunter be called for one of these hunts. Population management hunters must file a harvest report, and may be required to obtain a carcass tag in person at a license vendor or NMDGF office.

Avoid Late Fees

Harvest Reporting for Late-season Management Hunts

Population Management license holders for hunts that occur late in the license year or after the reporting deadlines must submit a harvest report on or before April 7 to maintain draw eligibility. NMDGF recommends reporting by telephone at:1-888-248-6866 to avoid late fees.

Reference (2019-20 NM Hunting Rules & Info pg. 37)