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Off-Highway Motor Vehicle 

Last Updated: 11/04/13

Out of State or Visitor Permitting Rquirements

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All OHV riders must display their permit or registration to an officer

With the passage of SB 379, the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle (OHV) law changed the requirements of non-residents who need to purchase a non-resident permit.   The new law now recognizes a non-resident operating an OHV is in compliance with New Mexico if that person:

is currently in compliance with another state's off-highway vehicle registration, user fee or similar law or rule demonstrated by certificate of registration, permit or similar evidence…(66-3-1004.C NMSA 1978).


However, if a non-resident is from a State that has not established OHV registration or a user fee, then the non-resident must purchase New Mexico 's Off-Highway User permit.   States that have no registration program and no use fee are:  

Alabama Hawaii Mississippi South Dakota
Alaska Illinois Nebraska Tennessee
Florida Kansas North Carolina Virginia
Georgia Kentucky South Carolina West Virginia


A non-resident with an OHV from one of these states must purchase either the 2 year non-registered permit sticker for $48.00 or the 90 day permit sticker for $18.00 prior to operate on New Mexico 's public lands.  


A non-resident from the remaining states need not purchase New Mexico 's permit as long as they can provide valid proof that they have a current registration, user fee or something similar for their off-highway vehicle.   If a person cannot provide valid proof of possessing such a document then they must purchase the 2 year non-resident permit sticker or the 90 day permit sticker.  It is a misdemeanor for any person (even a juvenile) to fail to possess the proper permit or registration for an off-higway vehicle and display the required decal on their OHV. Persons in violation of this provision can receive a fine of $60.00 or more and may not ride on public lands.