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Open Gate Property 150 (Luera Mountains, NM)

Open Gate is a program that leases private lands to improve public access for hunting, fishing, and trapping. Open Gate leases are funded exclusively by hunters, anglers, and trappers through the purchase of the Habitat Management & Access Validation: HMAV.

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Big-Game Unit 16E (Unit Maps on Website)

Open Gate Boundary Map OG-150 Luera Mountains

Information & Habitat: The Luera Mountains contain more than 75,000 acres of State Trust Land consisting of open grasslands, woodlands, and forests with game species including elk, deer, black bear, cougar, and wild turkey. Through its Open Gate program the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish partnered with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in 2014 to lease a long term road easement from the New Mexico State Land Office into the Luera Mountains. This 35 year right-of-way agreement provides the only public access for hunting, trapping, and other permitted outdoor recreation into the southern portion of New Mexico State Trust Lands of the Luera Mountains. Large-scale wildlife habitat and watershed projects are also currently underway to help restore and improve thousands of acres across this mountain range.

Purpose: The purpose of this lease is to provide improved, long term road access for properly-licensed hunters, trappers, and anglers onto State Trust Lands in the Luera Mountains.

Permitted Activities: Properly-licensed users may travel on designated State Land Trust roads throughout the Luera Mountains for the purpose of legal hunting, trapping and fishing in accordance with the terms and conditions contained within the lease agreement between the Department of Game and Fish and the New Mexico State Land Office. No off-road travel is permitted.

Access to the property is restricted to the following permitted activities:

Permitted Activity Available Dates Remarks
Properly-licensed users may travel on designated roadways for the purpose of legal hunting, trapping and fishing. All open hunting, trapping and fishing seasons. See the New Mexico Hunting Rules and Information for Upland and Big Game for more information.


Property Rules: The following rules will be posted on this property and enforced at the discretion of the Department of Game and Fish.

  • This Open Gate Property is restricted to properly licensed users for the following activities: Hunting, Trapping and Fishing.
  • No access unless you are a properly licensed hunter, trapper or angler.
  • Each properly licensed hunter, trapper or angler is allowed to be accompanied by no more than three guests.
  • Scouting is only permitted on State Trust Lands seven (7) days immediately preceding the commencement of open season dates.
  • No destructive acts including: vandalism, graffiti, theft, removal or defacing natural features, resources or signs.
  • No littering
  • Camping is allowed on State Trust Land only in posted, designated areas or with written permission from the surface lessee. For additional information, contact the State Land Office at: (505) 827-5842.
  • The Luera Mountains Road easement and adjacent State Trust Lands are subject to all rules and regulations established for New Mexico State Trust Lands. See the New Mexico Hunting Rules and Information for Upland and Big Game for more information.

And you must not:

  • Attach blinds to private property, such as windmills, tanks, etc.
  • Drive off-road or on closed roads for any reason.
  • Enter during seasons for which you are not licensed or before the hours and allowed scouting periods for which you are licensed.
  • Use private roads or cross private lands without prior written permission from the landowner.
  • Remove wood, sand or gravel or conduct commercial or unrelated personal activities.
  • Harass or injure livestock or wildlife or damage private property, such as dwellings or range improvements.
  • Use a Private-land Only Deer License to hunt on state land, even if the state land is leased by a landowner whose property you have permission to hunt.

Pack it in, pack it out! Trash containers, restrooms and drinking water are not available.

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