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Open Gate Property FS886 (Gila National Forest, NM)

Open Gate is a program that leases private lands to improve public access for hunting, fishing, and trapping. Open Gate leases are funded exclusively by hunters, anglers, and trappers through the purchase of the Habitat Management & Access Validation: HMAV.

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Open Gate Boundary Map OG-FS886 Gila National Forest

Information: Open Gate funds were used in 2013 to share the costs of a road building project with the U.S Forest Service that re-routed a portion of Forest Road 886 to bypass a private mining claim in the Black Range of the Gila National Forest known as the Royal John Mine. The project regained vehicle access to more than 20,000 acres in Game Management Unit 24 which provides excellent habitat for deer, elk, and turkey. Current large-scale wildlife habitat and watershed projects are also underway to restore thousands of acres in the Black Range.

Habitat: Pinyon-Juniper Woodland, Deciduous Shrub and Oak Woodland, Ponderosa Pine Forest.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to provide access for properly licensed and license-exempt sportspersons on and through the US Forest Service lands in the Black Range.

Permitted Activities: The general public may travel Forest Road 886 for entering and exiting legally-accessible US Forest Service lands year-round as specified in the agreement between the Department of Game and Fish and the US Forest Service. Access to this property is subject to the terms and conditions specified by the US Forest Service and is restricted to the following activities:

Permitted Activity Available Dates Remarks
The general public may travel Forest Road 886 for entering and exiting legally-accessible US Forest Service lands. Year-round unless closed by the US Forest Service Game in the area may include deer, elk, bear, and cougar. Visit http://www.fs.usda.gov/main/gila/home for a detailed list of Permitted Activities on surrounding US Forest Service lands.


Property Rules: Forest Road 886 is managed by the US Forest Service and subject to all rules for the Black Range Unit of the Gila National Forest. Property Rules may be found by visiting the Gila National Forest website (http://www.fs.usda.gov/main/gila/home). Please visit the NMDGF website for specific hunting and fishing rules (http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/).

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