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Fishing Information  

Last Updated: 12/19/2014



Weekly Fishing Report


Lake levels from NRCS (link)


Weekly Stocking Report

12-19-2014 (pdf)

12-12-2014 (pdf)
12-05-2014 (pdf)

11-26-2014 (pdf)


Angler Satisfaction
Survey 2014

Survey 2013 (pdf)

Survey 2012 (pdf)



(Image) Trout fishing on the renowned San Juan River in northwestern New Mexico.


License Information

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Handicapped License Information and Applications


U.S. Military and Veteran License Opportunities


Frequently Asked Questions


Cold Water Game Fish

Advisories and Reports

» Whirling Disease Information

Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Wildfire Risk Assessment

Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout Restored in Capulin Canyon (pdf)

Rio Grande Cutthroat stocking in Santa Fe Reservoirs (pdf)

Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout - Environmental Assessment for Restoration to the Las Animas Creek Watershed (pdf)

Costilla Native Fish Restoration Project


Piscicide Treatment Notices

» Seven Lakes and Long Canyon Creek July 21-25

» Beaver Creek and Beaver Lake July 21-25


Warm Water Game Fish


Triploid Grass Carp


2014-15 New Mexico
Fishing Rules and Information



Consumption Advisories


Record Fish Information


Gila Trout Fishing Opportunities


Angler Education Fishing Clinics


Basic fishing-skills clinics for school kids, families, community and civic groups


New Mexico Fish Hatcheries


Information on New Mexico's fish hatcheries (pdf)


San Juan River Tailwater Fishery

San Juan River Management Plan (pdf)

Navajo Dam Enabling Legislation (pdf)

Colorado River Endangered Fish Reports (link)

Navajo Reservoir Operations Enviromental Impact Statement (link)

San Juan River White Paper (pdf)

San Juan Trout Fishery 2009 (pdf)


Bait Dealer Information