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Hunting Information  

Last Updated: 12/09/2014

New for 2014!


License Information


Access the Online License System to obtain a Customer Identification Number, apply for draw hunts, purchase all licenses, print all free permits, check draw results and more.


Handicapped License Information and Applications


U.S. Military and Veteran License Opportunities

Application and Drawing Information


>> Drawing Odds Reports


Enhanced Licenses


Population Management

Update Silver City Deer Management Hunt: Jan. 16 - Feb. 5, 2015
Click Here for General Information and Area Map
(pdf) for this hunt.

» Hunt Responsibly - The Bowhunter's Creed (pdf)


Population Management Hunt Lists page.


Bear and Cougar Information

Bear Information Page

Cougar Information Page


Harvest Information

Report Your Harvest (Harvest Reporting Requirements)

Donation Certificate (pdf)


2013 Barbary Sheep Harvest Report (pdf)

2013 Deer Harvest Report (pdf)

2013 Elk Harvest Report (pdf)

2013 Ibex Harvest Report (pdf)

2013 Javelina Harvest Report (pdf)

2013 Oryx Harvest Report (pdf)

2013 Pronghorn Antelope Harvest Report (pdf)

2013 Turkey Harvest Report (pdf)

2013 Small Game Harvest Report (pdf)


2012 Deer Harvest Report (pdf)

2012 Elk Harvest Report (pdf)

2012 Ibex Harvest Report (pdf)

2012 Javelina Harvest Report (pdf)

2012 Oryx Harvest Report (pdf)

2012 Pronghorn Antelope Harvest Report (pdf)


2011 Band-Tailed Pigeon Harvest Report (pdf)

2011 Deer Harvest Report (pdf)

2011 Elk Harvest Report (pdf)

2011 Sandhill Crane Harvest Report (pdf)

2011 Turkey Harvest Report (pdf)


Furbearer Harvest Information

2013-2014 Harvest Report (pdf)

2012-2013 Harvest Report (pdf)

2011-2012 Harvest Report (pdf)

2010-2011 Harvest Report (pdf)

AFWA Best Management Practices for Furbearer Trapping and Voluntary Online Trapper Education and Exam (link)

Bobcat Pelt Tagging Form 2014 (pdf)


2014 big-game rib cover

2014-15 Hunting
Rules and Information

Migratory Bird Rules & Information Book for 2014-2015 from New Mexico Department of Game & Fish

NEW 2014-15 Migratory Game Bird Hunting Supplement

More publications....


Maps & Land Access


New Migratory Game Bird Hunting Maps






Hunting on State Trust Lands


Private Land Hunting


>> Elk Private Lands Use System (E-PLUS)

♦♦♦ NOTE: Not all outside COER landowners have returned their agreements and are not yet listed in this document. This document will be updated regularly as landowners return their paperwork.

*** We will post new information on the these items for the upcoming year.

>> Antelope Private Lands Use System (A-PLUS)

>> Open Gate Program

>> Unitized Ranches in Southeastern NM


Guide & Outfitter Information


Chronic Wasting Disease Information


Trapping and Hunting in Wolf Country

For rules and information on hunting and trapping in wolf country:


Big Game Records