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Last Updated: 1/3/2014



Open Gate Program

The Open Gate program is a voluntary program available for private landowners.  Through Open Gate, private landowners can receive annual access payments, limited liability protection, and other benefits in exchange for signing a flexible hunting or fishing lease with the Department.  Access payments are based on various criteria including the property's location, acreage, type of wildlife habitat, and type of hunting or fishing opportunities. 


Participating landowners are eligible to receive additional funding and cost-share assistance for projects that improve wildlife habitat and hunting and fishing opportunities on their property. 


Open Gate leases generally last one year; however, longer-term leases may be available.  Funding for Open Gate comes from the annual sale of the Habitat Management and Access Validation. 

Open Gate Participation Requirements & Sign-up

Lands or waters eligible for enrollment in Open Gate must be capable of supporting a hunting or fishing lease.  Landowners may enroll some or all of their property.  There is no minimum or maximum number of acres that may be enrolled.  Right-of-way agreements are available to landowners for improving access to large or exceptional blocks of State Trust or Federal lands.        


Landowners interested in participating in Open Gate must submit a completed application and provide proof of ownership, or if leasing, a copy of the lease with a notarized and signed statement from the owner authorizing Open Gate participation.  All applications are subject to a department evaluation to determine the lands or waters qualify for enrollment.  Open Gate Application


Open Gate PropertiesOpenGateRulesSign

An Open Gate property is a tract of land or water leased by NMDGF to provide access to sportsmen for different types of hunting, fishing, or trapping activities.  Access to an Open Gate property is limited to properly licensed sportsmen during the established season(s) and dates for which the property is enrolled.  There is no additional charge nor permit needed to hunt, fish, or trap on an Open Gate property.


Sportsmen interested in accessing Open Gate properties may click the following link for a list of all available properties.  Each property listing includes a description of the types of permitted activities, prohibited activities, and printable property maps.  Open Gate properties offer a variety of hunting, fishing, and trapping opportunities, you may discover the list to be helpful in finding those that match your interests.  Please remember that private land enrolled in Open Gate is not open for target practice or camping and no activities other than those that are permitted through the lease are allowed.

Open Gate Participating Properties  


Open Gate Keys

Be a respectful and courteous guest:

Leave all gates as you found them.

Don't block gates or roads with parked vehicles.

Don't shoot towards livestock, buildings, or equipment.

Don't hunt, fish, or trap in Safety Zones.

Pick up all trash - including shotgun shells.

A simple "thank you" to the landowner goes a long way.