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Hunt season closure social media posts are hoax

Department working hard to process 2020-2021 big-game draw

SANTA FE – Despite false rumors floating around on social media, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish reassures New Mexico hunters the results of the 2020-2021 big-game draw will be released by April 29, 2020, if not earlier.

Hunt season closure social media posts are hoax

Hunt season closure social media posts are hoax.

Over the past week, there have been prank posts on social media stating that the 2020-2021 hunting season in New Mexico has been canceled. This is false, and the Department recommends not clicking on the links provided in this or any other hoax.

Director Michael Sloane stated “the Department is working diligently to audit the draw and provide results as soon as possible for New Mexico’s hunters.”

If you are anxiously waiting for the draw results, here are a few recommendations to fill the time:

  • Download a phone application, such as CarryMap and start learning more about your favorite hunting areas. CarryMap is a free application and can be found on
  • Check your hunting equipment, clean your firearms and order replacement supplies online.
  • Stay in shape while practicing social distancing. Now is a great time to start getting in shape, or to stay in shape, for your upcoming hunts.
  • Learn more about a new species. Small game, upland game and migratory game hunting are often overlooked in New Mexico. Take this time to learn more about these species.

For factual information on hunting, fishing or wildlife in New Mexico, visit the Department’s website. If you are engaging in social media activities, please verify that you are following the Department’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to ensure you are receiving correct and up-to-date information.