Elk Management Zone Maps

Primary Management Zone (previously COER) – These are areas of the state where elk license numbers are set by the commission, harvest objectives are determined, and the distribution of public elk licenses and private land authorizations is strictly regulated. For 2019 the Primary Zone was expanded in game management units (GMU) 9, 12, 13, 21B and 34.

Maps of private ranches participating as unit-wide in the EPLUS program will be posted on the Department’s website and made available prior to the hunting season.

Special Management Zone (GMU 46, 54 west of NM State Road 199 and 55A) – These areas are in quality elk habitat areas, but the land is significantly owned by private entities. Private land authorizations on these ranches are allocated through a negotiation between the department and the ranch managers.

Secondary Management Zone – These areas are outside the primary and special management zones where no specific management goals are set. In these areas, private land licenses are available over-the-counter; however, individuals must have a ranch code to purchase a license. In addition, hunters must obtain written permission from the landowner.

For more information about these zones, EPLUS or private land elk licenses click here.

Interactive Map

The interactive map (below) is designed to help hunters and landowners find Elk Management Zones. Click on Units to display a pop-up window of information and clickable links. Print/PDF button (lower map) available at any zoom level.

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