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RUIDOSO - The Department of Game and Fish has temporarily suspended the stocking of rainbow trout at Grindstone Lake while the Village of Ruidoso treats the lake with copper sulfate to control algae blooms. Algae control is necessary because the lake is part of Ruidoso's water supply. Unfortunately, rainbow trout are very sensitive to copper.

The Department has worked with the Village of Ruidoso to establish a rainbow trout fishery in the lake.   During the summer months, the Department normally stocks Grindstone every couple of weeks with catchable-sized rainbow trout. Stockings have been scheduled around the copper sulfate treatments to avoid harming the fish. This year, however, warm weather has resulted in the lake being treated almost weekly to control the algae blooms.

Shawn Denny, Southeast Area Fisheries Manager, has recommended the suspension of trout stocking in Grindstone Lake until the treatments are less frequent and copper concentrations are reduced to a level that won't affect the fish. He has also recommended increasing the stocking rates of rainbow trout in the lake over the winter months when algae treatments shouldn't be as frequent.   

The Village of Ruidoso has been very cooperative in letting the Department know when treatments are scheduled.   The Village is also looking at other methods of algae control that might not have a negative effect on rainbow trout. Normal stockings will resume when water conditions allow.   

For more information, please contact Denny at (505) 624-6135.


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