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ELEPHANT BUTTE -- Many people enjoy seeing wildlife in their neighborhoods and even welcome an occasional visit from javelina, but giving them food outside their natural diet could be harmful to them as well as attract predators, such as lions.

The Department of Game and Fish is reminding residents of Elephant Butte and other communities in javelina country not to feed them. People who feed quail and set out bird feeders also provide easy meals for javelina, which can become habituated to humans and eventually may have to be killed. 

The best way to handle problem javelina is to help them stay wild by removing anything that may attract them -- and leave them alone. Artificial feeding will cause javelina to move into neighborhoods they wouldn’t normally frequent. Once habituated to humans, javelina can become nuisances, destroying lawns, gardens and other personal property. Predators, including cougars, sometimes follow their natural prey into communities, bringing more problems.

Here are some tips to help prevent javelina from associating humans with food:

  • Remove all bird feeders that may be attracting javelina. Javelina see them as an easy food source and often they look for other food sources nearby.

  • Feed pets indoors or remove leftover pet food immediately.

  • Shrubbery that provides hiding cover should be trimmed up from the ground.

  • Ask your neighbors to follow these steps. Javelina that are attracted to one yard often visit neighboring yards and may cause damage.

If you intentionally feed, bait, or otherwise entice game animals, such as javelina, and the animal becomes a nuisance, you could be cited and fined up to $500 --- and the javelina may have to be killed.

People who have problems with javelina or other wild animals are encouraged to call the nearest Department of Game and Fish office in Las Cruces, (575) 532-2100; Raton, (575) 445-2311; Albuquerque, (505) 222-4700; Santa Fe, (505) 476-8000; or Roswell, (575) 624-6135.


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