NMDGF Conservation Enforcement

The Field Operations Division is responsible for coordinating and administrating the Department’s law enforcement efforts.

The NMDGF’s Field Operations Division patrols New Mexico’s vast landscape via foot, boat, snowmobile, OHV, aircraft, pick-up truck and horseback. The Field Operations Division also plays a critical role in Department activities from assisting with annual state and county fairs, the Department’s Outdoor Expo, Hunter Education, National Archery in the Schools program (NASP) and numerous wildlife/fishery management activities.

Field Operations headquarters is located at the Department’s Santa Fe office and coordinates Department wide efforts and programs through four area offices located in each region of the state. Field Operations is responsible for eight statewide programs: Operation Game Thief, Hunting and Fishing License Revocations, Field Law Enforcement-Uniform Patrol and Investigations, Guide and Outfitter Registrations, Special Use Permits, Officer Training and Education, Scientific/Educational Permits, and Special Investigations Unit.

The division currently has 72 Officers in the field from District Officer to Sergeant. Officers now receive standardized patrol trucks which are fully equipped with firearm locking systems, high watt, high band radios, laptop computers with Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD’s) and are receiving dispatch services from New Mexico State Police/ Department of Public Safety.

A Message from Colonel Robert Griego

law-enforcement-colonel-robert-griegoPoaching Harms Everyone

Poachers are not hunters. They are thieves stealing your wildlife. Poaching hurts not only our wildlife resources, but also harms the hunting, trapping and fishing way of life. Each year, New Mexico’s game wardens investigate cases in which our majestic big game have been reduced to rotting piles of headless corpses.

Across the New Mexico landscape, our trophy elk, mule deer and pronghorn antelope are being poached for the heads only. Trophy poaching has nothing to do with feeding a hungry family. It is purely a criminal activity for profit.

New Mexico’s wildlife belongs to you, and I encourage you to protect it. The active role you play is essential, and if you have information about illegally taken wildlife or fish, contact your local game warden or telephone the hotline listed below.

Operation Game Thief (OGT) is a silent witness program funded by donations from individuals and organizations, not from taxes or license fees. Rewards for information leading to the arrest of poachers vary from $50 for cases involving a warning citation up to $750 for more severe violations.

The telephone hotline operates year-round, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, and violations also can be reported online. Additional information about Operation Game Thief is available on page 20 of The 2014-15 New Mexico Hunting Rules & Info booklet.

If you are an individual or belong to an organization concerned about poaching and its impact, I also encourage you to consider contributing to this important citizen-based program. Donations are tax deductible and solely used to pay rewards and promote the program.

Operation Game Thief

Report poachers - contact New Mexico Game and Fish Operation Game Thief 1-800-432-42631-800-432-4263
(24 hours, 7 days a week)
Learn more about
Operation Game Thief

Thank you in advance for becoming involved and taking the initiative to help prevent poaching, and thank you for promoting protection of New Mexico’s wildlife heritage.

With gratitude and respect,

Robert Griego