Name: Benjamin Otero
Promoted: Sergeant, Chama Supervisory District
Special Area of Responsibility/Game Mgmt Units: 6A,6B,6C, 7,5A,5B,4,51,52, Rio Chama Wildlife Area, Sargent Wildlife Area, Humphries Wildlife Area
Education: B.S. Range Science, New Mexico State University
Length of Service: 6 years
Specialty or Interest: Investigations and public events
Current Projects/Assignments: Completing investigations and working with hunters to be successful for depredation hunts in GMU 51.
Best Thing About the Job: Being able to be outdoors protecting the states wildlife while also helping conserve wildlife for the future.

Most Common Question People Have: When is the next time you will be hiring for game wardens?

Answer: We are hiring on a frequent basis and can find out from the SPO website and our website as well.

Contact Information: Office (505) 350-9718 or email