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To request publications by mail (nonresidents only) CLICK HERE or click the document title below to download a PDF version on your computer. NM residents must pick up copies of current year publication(s) from a local license vendor.

Click through the tab headings below to view our library of items (available in both print and PDF formats) offered from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. Publications include annual Hunting Rules & Info booklets, issues of New Mexico Wildlife (past and present), as well as educational coloring books and wildlife brochures.


Available online and in print, the NEW 2015-16 New Mexico Hunting Rules and Information also provides essential information about game hunting licenses and fees, descriptions of public- and private-land uses, definition of criminal trespass, and information about hunter education. Off-highway vehicle use, the Mentored-Youth Hunter Program and Operation Game Thief are also contained.


2014-15 New Mexico Hunting Rules and Information

The 2014–15 New Mexico Migratory Game Bird Hunting Supplement is only for Migratory Game Bird Seasons which include American coot, band-tailed pigeon, common moorhen, common snipe, dark geese, dove, ducks, light geese, sandhill crane, sora and Virginia rail. Hunted waterfowl in New Mexico includes birds in the family Anatidae (ducks and geese) and coots. Hunting swans is not allowed in New Mexico.

Upland game seasons for grouse, quail, pheasant and squirrel are contained in the 2014-15 New Mexico Hunting Rules and Information. Refer to it for upland game seasons, hunting regulations, license requirements and fees.

2014-15 Hunting Rules & Info