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  • First review our Hunter Education Course Schedule and Course Types in the tabs below.
  • Next create a CIN account for each individual student through our Online License System: click here.
    (If the student already has a CIN account, simply log in: click here).
  • In the student’s CIN account, click Hunter Education (from the Main Menu), then click the Register for Hunter Ed Classes button, and follow the prompts.

2019 Statewide Hunter and Bowhunter Education Courses

Below you will find a current list of scheduled statewide hunter and bowhunter education courses. This list is updated as we hear from our volunteer instructors. Check back frequently if you do not see a class in your area as this list is updated daily.

Hunter Education Homework

All students registered for either a hunter education or field day hunter education course have the option of completing the required pre-course homework either electronically (see link below) OR through a hardcopy student manual. Both options are free. Hardcopy manuals may be picked up from specified locations once a student has registered for a course or from one of the department’s area offices. Either versions of the student manual homework are acceptable and must be completed prior to the first day of class to gain admittance.

It is necessary to have access to a computer, printer and adequate internet to download and print the pdf version of the student manual and worksheets. Students must print and bring the completed worksheets to class to gain admittance. Students do not need to print out the entire manual, just the worksheet pages. This manual meets the pre-course homework requirement portion of any instructor-led hunter education course. Click here to download the FREE pdf student manual and worksheet.

Today's Hunter: New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (Manual pre-course homework requirement portion of instructor-led hunter education course).

The electronic manual DOES NOT qualify youth hunters for the Mentored-Youth Quiz or for the Mentored-Youth Hunting Program.

Hunter/Bowhunter Education Course List

Updated 11-07-2019
Keep checking on a regular basis for our 2018 hunter and bow hunter education instructor-led course schedule. Courses are added to the below class listing as we hear from our teaching teams.

For specific course times, locations and registration information you MUST be logged into the students New Mexico Online License System account.

Courses listed as Hunter Education are for students of any age. Field Day Hunter Education courses are for students ***10 years of age and older for these classes. Additionally, Live-Fire may be associated with any course and indicates that students will participate in an actual shooting activity on a range. Bowhunter student courses will not certify a student to hunt with a firearm.

Note: sort the contents of this table by clicking arrows next to column names (either up or down), or by typing a single word into the search box. Search examples could be: NEW, Valencia, Bowhunter, etc.

CountyCityClassClass DateRegistration OpensNotice
BernalilloAlbuquerqueHunter Education / Field DayOct 5 Oct 12Sep 16Class Date Updated
BernalilloAlbuquerqueHunter EducationOct 26-27Oct 7
BernalilloAlbuquerqueBow Hunter EducationDec 7Nov 18Updated
BernalilloAlbuquerqueHunter EducationJan 18-19Dec 30
BernalilloAlbuquerqueHunter EducationMar 14-15Feb 24
BernalilloAlbuquerqueBow Hunter EducationApril 4Mar 6
BernalilloAlbuquerqueBow Hunter EducationJun 13May 25
BernalilloAlbuquerqueBow Hunter EducationDec 5, 2020Nov 16
CatronN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
ChavesRoswellHunter EducationOct 5-6Sep 20
CibolaN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
ColfaxN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
CurryClovisHunter Education / Live FireSep 27-29Aug 30
De BacaN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
Dona Ana Las CrucesHunter Education / Field DayNov 2-3Oct 8
EddyArtesiaNo classes at this time.Oct 4-5Sep 20
GrantN/AHunter EducationN/AN/A
GuadalupeN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
HardingN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
HidalgoN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
LeaLovingtonHunter EducationSep 20-21Aug 26
LeaHobbsHunter Education / Live FireSept 3, 5, 9, 10, 12, 14Aug 5
LincolnN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
Los AlamosN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
LunaN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
McKinleyN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
MoraN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
OteroMescaleroHunter Education Sep 28-29Sep 5
OteroMescaleroHunter Education Oct 5-6Sep 13
QuayN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
Rio ArribaN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
RooseveltN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
San JuanBloomfieldHunter EducationNov 15-17Oct 15
San MiguelN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
SandovalSanto Domingo PuebloHunter Education / Field DaySep 28Sep 7
SandovalSan FelipeHunter EducationNov 23-24Nov 8
Santa FeSanta FeField DayOct 19Sep 9Full
SierraN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
SocorroN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
TaosTaosHunter EducationDec 6-8Nov 18
TaosTaosHunter EducationJan 17-19Dec 30
TaosTaosHunter EducationFeb 14-16Jan 27
TaosTaosHunter EducationMar 6-8Feb 17
TorranceMoriartyHunter Education / Field DayOct 26Oct 8
UnionN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A
ValenciaN/ANo classes at this time.N/AN/A

Bowhunter Course Options

Standard Bowhunter Course – is approximately an eight (8) hour course that incorporates lecture, review and emphasizes hands-on learning. Students are evaluated through a written exam and a field test. An adult is required to attend the course with students 10 years of age and younger. Students must complete their course homework prior to attending the class. Students have the option of completing their homework by obtaining a free hard copy of the Today’s Bowhunter student manual or by completing the manual online. Please be advised that the online manual is a user-pay. Instructions on how to obtain a hard copy manual is available through the students New Mexico Online License System CIN account once a they have registered for a bowhunter course.

Today's Bowhunter: New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

Field Day Bowhunter Course – is for students 11 years of age and older. This is an accelerated four (4) hour course that focuses on hands-on skills only and field evaluations. Students participating in the Bowhunter Field Day course are REQUIRED to complete the online Field Day qualifier course and exam at This course is a user pay. It is necessary to have access to a computer, printer (for completion certificate) and adequate internet access to complete the online portion for the Bowhunter Field Day.

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