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Ty Jackson (Promotion)

Name: Ty Jackson
Promoted: Captain – Field Operations; Santa Fe
Special Area of Responsibility/Game Mgmt Units: I am responsible for law enforcement field operations statewide, the special investigations team, violator revocations and the recruitment and training of both veteran officers and new recruits.
Education: Bachelors of Science in Animal Science with a minor in Range Science
Length of Service: 13 years
Specialty or Interest: Law Enforcement Investigations and recruitment of new officers
Current Projects/Assignments: Hiring new personnel (including a training Lieutenant, permits manager and outfitter/guide registrar), recruiting for our next hiring of new conservation officers later this fall, ensuring poachers who have accumulated 20+ points are revoked, coordinating the training of 11 new recruits in different stages of training, and planning law enforcement operations for this coming hunting season.
Best Thing About the Job: The best thing about this position is the direct impact that I can have on protecting the states wildlife resources. While I am not always in the field, I am tasked with ensuring that a wildlife poacher’s license privileges are revoked and that the civil assessments owed to the state of New Mexico for the loss of the state’s wildlife are paid.

Question: Why can’t I buy a license?

Answer: Many of the folks who ask this have not paid or are behind on their child support which means that their hunting, fishing and trapping license privileges have been suspended until they are back in compliance. Once they are back in compliance and receive a certificate of compliance from the department of health and human services they must then pay a $25 reinstatement fee to NMDGF.

If this is not the reason then it is likely because the person has an outstanding ticket which has not been paid or they owe NMDGF money for an illegally taken game animal (civil liability) or their license privileges have been revoked for previous wildlife crime convictions.

Regardless of the cause you can call our office and if it as simple as paying a ticket or reinstatement fee we can set up the payment for you.

Contact Information: Office 505-476-8062 or email Ty.Jackson@state.nm.us
Other Information (Hobbies, Interests, etc).: We will be hiring approximately six new conservation officers during the fall of 2015. Keep checking our website for application details.