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    • Update: The list of Share with Wildlife projects selected for funding in 2020 is now available. Please see the “Applications-Reports” tab for further details.

    Share with Wildlife

    Share with Wildlife to assist all New Mexico wildlife in need, no matter what species. Background photo by Mark Watson.

    Share with Wildlife is a New Mexico Department of Game and Fish program initiated in 1981 that depends on tax-deductible donations from the public. Its mission is to help those species that do not receive funding from any other source. The program funds four categories of wildlife projects: research, education, habitat enhancement, and rehabilitation. It receives much of its funding through the state income tax check-off program. It is also supported through Share with Wildlife license plate sales and direct donations. Matching federal funds maximize the program’s support of New Mexico’s wildlife. (Hummingbird photo above by Mark Watson.)

    What kind of projects does Share with Wildlife support and how can you support Share with Wildlife? Watch our interview with Ginny Seamster, Share with Wildlife Coordinator. Click below to view our Facebook video.

    We are here with Ginny Seamster, Share with Wildlife Coordinator.

    Project Highlights

    Evaluating Genetic Health of Chihuahua Chub in the Mimbres River Basin

    Perhaps you’ve driven in southwestern New Mexico and crossed over the Mimbres River and seen that a stretch of it was dry? Perhaps you’ve thought that there was no way fish could live in this river- after all, fish need continuous stretches of flowing water to survive! Well, there are several fishes that live in the Mimbres, including a very rare fish, the Chihuahua chub.

    Evaluating Genetic Health of Chihuahua Chub in the Mimbres River Basin Project Highlight- Share with Wildlife, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

    Undergraduate student at UNM explains Chihuahua chub poster. (Ginny Seamster)

    In New Mexico, the Chihuahua chub has been found at a handfull of disjunct sites on the Mimbres River and in an adjacent spring and has also been introduced at a few sites from a captive population at the Southwestern Native Aquatic Resources and Recovery Center (Southwestern Native ARRC). Dr. Megan Osborne and her undergraduate students (Brian Fitzgerald and Charisa Bell) at the University of New Mexico are using genetic techniques to answer some important questions about this narrowly distributed species.

    First, how is the genetic health of the Chihuahua chub population? Is there high or low diversity? How well connected are the different populations of Chihuahua chub? What kind of impact did the Silver Fire, which occurred in 2013, have on this species? Dr. Megan Osborne’s team has made excellent progress in answering these questions, enough to have assembled a poster that was presented at a Research Days event at the University of New Mexico in spring 2019. Thus far, it is looking like there has been relavitely consistent genetic diversity over time (which is good). However, the fire and post-fire ash flows and stocking of fish from the captive population at SNARRC effectively removed the previously extant genetic structure among different populations. It appears that fish are navigating from the lower to the upper known populations of Chihuahua chub and that the genetic signature is now largely driven by the fish that were released from Southwestern Native ARRC after the Silver Fire.

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    Call for 2020 Projects

    The Share with Wildlife projects selected for funding in 2020 are listed below. Please contact the Share with Wildlife Coordinator, Ginny Seamster (, with questions.

    2020 Share with Wildlife Projects

    Category Title
    Habitat Aquatic habitat connectivity assessment for the Santa Fe National Forest – Defenders of Wildlife
    Research An eDNA-based inventory of the distribution and abundance of Chihuahua chub and Rio Grande sucker in the Mimbres River basin – Michael Young
    Research Status and distribution of terrestrial snails in southwest New Mexico – Eric Wallace
    Research Conservation genomic assessment of western peripheral populations of the least shrew (Cryptotis parva) – Andrew Hope
    Research Status assessment of the Arizona black rattlesnake Crotalus cerberus in New Mexico – Bruce Christman
    Research Full-season productivity and habitat associations of gray vireos – Henry Streby
    Research Status and limiting factors for the Arizona montane vole in New Mexico – Jennifer Frey
    Research Life history and activity budget of the Peñasco least chipmunk (Neotamias minimus atristriatus) – Fitsum Gebreselassie
    Research Population status and genetics of two Bell’s vireo subspecies in New Mexico – Andrew Johnson
    Rehabilitation / Education Wildlife rehabilitation/Connecting students to wildlife and habitats in New Mexico – New Mexico Wildlife Center
    Rehabilitation Wildlife Rescue Inc. of New Mexico
    Education NM wildlife data jam: K-8 students collecting, analyzing, and communicating data – Asombro Institute for Science Education
    Education Engaging future conservation leaders: Audubon’s Outdoor Field Science Program – Audubon New Mexico
    Education SMNHC educating ecosystem explorers and fieldwork – Sandia Mountain Natural History Center
    Education The Bosque Education Guide and New Mexico STEM Ready! Science Standards – Friends of the Valle de Oro NWR
    Education Become a riparian habitat steward: creating the next generation of land, water, and wildlife protectors – River Source Inc.


    Forms for Share with Wildlife Contractors

    These forms are provided for informational purposes to individuals and organizations submitting a proposal to the Share with Wildlife program in response to an active Call For Project Information. These forms should not be submitted to the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish unless an employee of the Department directly contacts you and requests that you fill them out as part of the process of implementing a professional services contract for a new Share with Wildlife project.

    Campaign Contribution Disclosure Form

    Compliance with Government Conduct Act

    DFA Agency Certification Form

    Substitute Form W-9

    Scientific Collection and Education Permit Application

    Applicants for a Share with Wildlife project who intend to capture and handle animals or use live animals and/or animal parts for educational purposes for their project may need to obtain a scientific collection permit or educational program permit from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. Please see the Special Use Permits page for more information and contact with questions.

    Highlighted Website

    A recently published journal article shows that the US and Canada have lost almost 3 billion birds over the past 50 years. Visit the following website to learn more about which birds are most at risk and what you can do to help.


    To access other project reports, please visit the Share with Wildlife search on the BISON-M website:


    New Mexico wildlife needs your help! Share with Wildlife funds numerous projects related to wildlife habitat enhancement, wildlife-related education, wildlife rehabilitation, and research on wildlife biology and ecology every year. All projects are made possible through donations made by members of the public. 

    To make a donation, you may donate part of the refund on your state tax return; purchase a Share with Wildlife license plate or make any dollar amount donation online (minimum $2; see more information below); or mail in a check using this donation form. All donated funds go to supporting wildlife; none are used for administrative costs.

    If you want your dollars to go even further in supporting non-game wildlife, consider donating to Share with Wildlife and purchasing a Habitat Management Access Validation simultaneously. Click here for more information about donating and here for information on our State Game Commission Lands.

    Donations made to the Share with Wildlife program are tax-deductible for both federal and New Mexico state taxes. Please see U.S. Code Title 26. Internal Revenue Code – section 170c – Charitable Contribution Defined for more information. You may wish to further confirm with your tax advisor/preparer.

    Thank you for your support of New Mexico’s wildlife!

    Icon of Share with Wildlife - Donation Form (Word) Share with Wildlife - Donation Form (Word) Icon of Share with Wildlife - Donation Form (PDF) Share with Wildlife - Donation Form (PDF)

    New Mexico Wildlife License Plate

    Support wildlife by ordering the New Mexico Wildlife License Plate

    Support wildlife by ordering the New Mexico Wildlife License Plate

    Support wildlife by ordering the New Mexico Wildlife License Plate - Elk

    Download the PDF to support wildlife by ordering the Share with Wildlife license plate. PDF made available from MVD New Mexico. The Rio Grande cutthroat trout plate is only available through the mail starting October 23rd, 2017. It may take 6-10 weeks to receive your trout plate from MVD.

    Donate Online 

    You can donate to Share with Wildlife through your Online Licensing System account by clicking Customer Login located at the top of this website:


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