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We encourage participation with both Department planning and Commission action items.

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Department Plans

Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Rules

Updated! Accepting comments to be considered for the proposed repeal and replacement of Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Rules 18.15.2 NMAC and 18.15.3 NMAC. Comments should be sent to:

OHV Proposals Under Consideration

NMAC 18.15.2 (Updated 7-21-2016)

NMAC 18.15.3 (Updated 8-19-2016)

Proposed Shooting Ranges

New! New Mexico has an abundance of federal and state owned public lands utilized for a variety of mixed recreational activities including; hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, shooting, horseback riding and off-highway vehicle use. The Department has identified several areas statewide, where a structured public shooting range would consolidate recreational shooting activities and benefit all users of public lands and teach the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to be a responsible hunter.

The Department is working with Federal, County and City governments to secure some of these lands to construct firearm and archery ranges for public use.

Current projects include proposed ranges in these communities:

All proposed shooting ranges follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges (; meet or exceed the National Rifle Association‘s standard for range construction (; and comply with NRA Range Safety Rules. Perimeter fencing will be installed and posted to keep hikers, horseback riders, and ATV riders from unintentionally entering the shooting range. All city, county and state building codes will be adhered to during the construction.

Comments/suggestions should be sent to

Gila Trout Recovery & Angling

We are accepting public comment on a proposal (click here for PDF) to conduct a Gila trout restoration project in Whitewater Creek on the Gila National Forest. Comments would be most helpful if received by March 25th, 2016.
Send comments to:

Ecosphere Environmental Services
Attn: Jonathan Olson
1660 Old Pecos Trail, Suite H
Fax: (505) 954-1882

Click the tab headings below for more Gila Trout Recovery and Angling information and regulations.

Rock Lake Expansion

Consideration for the Rock Lake Fish Hatchery Expansion:
Comments should be sent by Feb. 12, 2016 to Kelly Oliver-Amy at

Costilla Native Fish Restoration Project

Regarding Native New Mexico Fish, we are accepting public comment on a proposal (see PDF) to construct a permanent terminal fish passage barrier downstream of the Comanche Creek confluence on the Rio Costilla. Contact information in the PDF, or send email comment.

Comments/suggestions should be sent by January 11th, 2016 to Or to Michael Gatlin on behalf of James Duran, Forest Supervisor, 208 Cruz Alta Road, Taos, NM 87571. Or by fax at 575-758-6213.

Rio Costilla Terminal Fish Barrier Project Environmental Analysis 12-10-2015

Letter Of Preliminary Environmental Analysis Availability 12-10-2015

Rio Costilla Terminal Fish Barrier Project Biological Assessment And Evaluation 06-07-2015

Rio Costilla Terminal Fish Barrier Project Management Indicator Species Assessment 06-11-2015

Rio Costilla Terminal Fish Barrier Project Migratory Bird Assessment 06-11-2015

Rio Costilla Terminal Fish Barrier Project Proposal Letter 03-10-2015

Draft Enviromental Assessment Native Fish Restoration Rio Costilla Watershed 08-16-2006

Final Enviromental Assessment Native Fish Restoration Rio Costilla Watershed

USFWS Finding No Significant Impact FONSI