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Public Comment

We encourage participation with both Department planning and Commission action items.

For State Game Commission items see the Commission → Proposals Under Consideration page.

Department Plans

Mesilla Valley Bosque – Transition Report

New! The purpose of this transition report is to present a plan for the transfer of the management and operation of Mesilla Valley Bosque from New Mexico State Parks to the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. Comments/suggestions should be sent to:

Mesilla Valley Bosque Management Plan

Proposed Roswell Regional Office

The New Mexico Game Commission is planning, through NMDGF, to build an office building and associated infrastructure, archery range, and off-highway vehicle (OHV) training course on a 15.8-acre leased parcel in Chaves County at 1516 W College Blvd, Roswell, New Mexico. The Proposed Action will include the construction of an 11,573 square foot office building, an approximately 9,000 square foot warehouse, and a 5,000 square foot covered storage area. The facilities would be used for the selling of hunting licenses, hunter education and training, staff offices, and storage. Other infrastructure planned for the subject parcel would include the construction of three open gravel parking areas, one paved parking lot, three water catchment ponds, an archery range, and an OHV training course.

The Department has recently contracted a draft Environmental Assessment to analyze . There is a 30-day public comment period (May 29-June 27). Comments/suggestions should be sent to:

NMDGF Roswell Office Environmental Assessment Public Draft 05-25-2018

Proposed Stephen M. Bush Memorial Shooting Range

New! The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is planning to build a shooting range in Clayton, NM. The proposed range would include; a 50-yard pistol range, 50-yard small bore rifle range, 200-yard rifle range, a 90-yard archery range and a multipurpose shotgun field on a 161.5-acre parcel owned by the department. Other planned infrastructure would include the construction of a 0.85-mile graded and graveled access road with a gate, 75 gravel parking stalls, shade structures for firing lanes, earthen impact berms and sidewalls for the pistol and rifle ranges and wooden or brick noise shields behind the firing lanes. The range will serve as a public shooting range and will also provide hunter education program opportunities.

The Department contracted a draft Environmental Assessment to analyze potential effects on physical, biological, and cultural resources and socioeconomic conditions that may result from the implementation of the project. There is a 30-day public comment period (June 21-July 20). Comments/suggestions should be sent to:

NMDGF Stephen M Bush Memorial Shooting Range Environmental Assessment Public Draft 06-21-2018

Proposed Shooting Ranges

New Mexico has an abundance of federal and state owned public lands utilized for a variety of mixed recreational activities including; hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, shooting, horseback riding and off-highway vehicle use. The Department has identified several areas statewide, where a structured public shooting range would consolidate recreational shooting activities and benefit all users of public lands and teach the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to be a responsible hunter.

The Department is working with Federal, County and City governments to secure some of these lands to construct firearm and archery ranges for public use.

Current projects include proposed ranges in these communities:

All proposed shooting ranges follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges (; meet or exceed the National Rifle Association‘s standard for range construction (; and comply with NRA Range Safety Rules. Perimeter fencing will be installed and posted to keep hikers, horseback riders, and ATV riders from unintentionally entering the shooting range. All city, county and state building codes will be adhered to during the construction.

Comments/suggestions should be sent to