Proposals Under Consideration

Public Comment

The following Game Commission documents are available for public comments. We encourage your participation

Public Notice Policy 01-14-2016

Rule Process and Development Information (revision 09-01-2015)

See also Meetings and Agendas for State Game Commission meeting notices, agenda item briefings, and calendar.

Fisheries and Manner & Method

New! Accepting comments for proposed Fisheries and Manner & Method rules – (Special Trout Waters, Gila trout, Kokanee closures, winter trout, and summer catfish waters) – to be presented at the October Game Commission meeting. Comments should be sent to

Fisheries Rule Proposed Changes NMAC 19.31.4 and 19.31.10

Deer, Elk, Javelina Rule

Updated! Accepting comments up to and including the October Game Commission meetings when the proposed rule for deer, elk, and javelina will be presented for approval. Comments should be sent to:

Amendment Summary NMAC Deer Rule 19.31.13 And Elk Rule 19.31.14

Proposed Amendments NMAC Deer Rule 19.31.13 and Elk Rule 19.31.14

Amendments Summary NMAC Javelina Rule 19.31.21

Proposed Amendments NMAC Javelina Rule 19.31.21

Manner and Method – Bow

Accepting comments to present at the August Game Commission meeting for the proposed Manner and Method rule. Comments should be sent to:

Proposed Amendments Bow Manner And Method Rule 19.31.10

Administrative Appeals Rule

Accepting comments to present at the June Commission meeting for the proposed Administrative Appeals rule. Comments should be sent to:

Proposals Under Consideration Administrative Appeals Rule Summary

Administrative Appeals Rule Draft

Rule Development Process

Rule Process and Development Information (revision 09-01-2015)

Public Notice Policy 01-14-2016

The Department revises rules for hunting game every 4 years and migratory game birds (waterfowl) each year.  Involving hunters and other wildlife enthusiasts is invaluable during the review to ensure that their perspectives help influence hunting seasons and license numbers for the next four years.  As the process develops, proposed adjustments to the various rules will be available for public review.  The State Game Commission, when finalizing the rules later this year, will consider all public comments, harvest and survey data, as well as biological information on population sustainability and management goals.

During rule development, the Department will follow a 3-stage process for each RULE at meetings of the State Game Commission:

Initiate: Beginning of rule development, the Department will clarify early ideas for any changes expected/proposed.

Propose: Presentation of proposed rule.  The Department will present a basis for the proposed changes.

Final: The Department will use biological and public input to develop a final rule to present to the Commission.