2023 Share with Wildlife Projects

Category Title
Research Assessing the status, distribution, movement corridors and foraging habitat requirements of nectar bats in New Mexico through eDNA, PIT tagging and diet analysis
Research Assessing the effects of forest management and wildfire on populations of New Mexico’s endemic salamanders
Research Inferring brown-capped rosy-finch demography and breeding distribution trends from long-term wintering data in New Mexico
Research An updated status and distribution of the northern leopard frog (Lithobates pipiens) in New Mexico.
Research Pinyon jay surveys in the Gila National Forest
Research Post-wildfire habitat use by the Peñasco least chipmunk
Habitat Identifying and mapping climatically stable macro- and micro-refugia in New Mexico
Rehabilitation New Mexico Wildlife Center
Rehabilitation Desert Willow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Highlighted Report

Virginia Tech, with support from the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, conducted a survey of wildlife viewers in New Mexico. Wildlife viewing is among the fastest growing outdoor recreation activities in the United States, with significant implications for the work of wildlife agencies. The final report describing results of this survey provides agencies with valuable information about wildlife viewers’ behaviors, experiences, perceptions, needs, and preferences. This information is essential for more meaningful and substantive engagement by state agencies with this often underserved constituency.


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