Harvest Reporting Information

Reporting Requirements

Attention New Mexico Big Game Hunters:
Mandatory Harvest Reporting Requirements

Harvest reports are mandatory for all deer, elk, trapper, turkey, Barbary sheep, oryx, ibex, pronghorn antelope and javelina license holders. A report must be filed if the hunter possesses any of these licenses, even if they don’t hunt or harvest.

On or before February 15, 2021, hunters can submit free harvest reports for deer, elk, pronghorn antelope and turkey licenses, after which a late fee of $8.00 will apply. For these species, the reporting deadline to be eligible for the big game draw is the draw application deadline.

On or before March 17, 2021, hunters can submit free harvest reports for Barbary sheep, ibex, oryx, javelina and trapper licenses, after which a late fee of $8.00 will apply. For these species, the reporting deadline to be eligible for the big game draw is April 7.

Log in to your account and click “Harvest Reporting” in the MAIN MENU to file your Harvest Report or call the Game & Fish Information Center at 888-248-6866. Harvest reporting now just a phone call away.

Your harvest report provides New Mexico Game and Fish with valuable information to effectively manage the state’s wildlife resources.

Any applicant who fails to file a mandatory harvest report will have all special hunts draw applications rejected.

Caution: Submitting false or fraudulent harvest information may result in revocation of your hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for up to 3 years.

Past Annual Reports (PDF)

Black Bear Mortality 2012-2019 (Updated 01-08-2020)

Annual Black Bear Mortality Statistics 2001-2019/20 (Updated 01-08-2020)

Cougar Mortality by Zone 2012-2019/20 (Updated 03-02-2021)

Annual Cougar Mortality Statistics 2001-2020 (Updated 03-02-2021)

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2019-2020 Oryx Harvest Report

2019-2020 Javelina Harvest Report

2019-2020 Ibex Harvest Report

2019-2020 Furbearer Harvest Report

2019-2020 Elk Harvest Report

2019-2020 Deer Harvest Report

2019-2020 Bighorn Sheep Harvest Results

2019-2020 Barbary Sheep Harvest Report

2019 Turkey Harvest Results

2019 2020 Bighorn Ram Scores

2018-2019 Resident Upland Game Harvest Report

2018-2019 Pronghorn Harvest Report

2018-2019 Oryx Harvest Report

2018-2019 Javelina Harvest Report

2018-2019 Ibex Harvest Report

2018-2019 Furbearer Harvest Report

2018-2019 Deer Harvest Report

2018-2019 Bighorn Sheep Harvest Results

2018-2019 Barbary Sheep Harvest Report

2018 Turkey Harvest Report

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2017-2018 Resident Upland Game Harvest Report

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2017-2018 Oryx Harvest Report

2017-2018 Javelina Harvest Report

2017-2018 Ibex Harvest Report

2017-2018 Furbearer Harvest Report

2017-2018 Deer Harvest Report

2017-2018 Bighorn Sheep Harvest Results

2017-2018 Barbary Sheep Harvest Report

2017 Turkey Harvest Report

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2016-2017 Resident Upland Game Harvest Report

2016-2017 Pronghorn Harvest Report

2016-2017 Oryx Harvest Report

2016-2017 Javelina Harvest Report

2016-2017 Ibex Harvest Report

2016-2017 Furbearer Harvest Report

2016-2017 Deer Harvest Report

2016-2017 Bighorn Sheep Harvest Results

2016-2017 Barbary Sheep Harvest Report

2016 Turkey Harvest Report

2016 Elk Harvest Report

Harvest Donations

See the following if you want to donate a harvest to organization or individual:

New Mexico Hunters Helping the Hungry Program

New Mexico Hunters Helping the Hungry is a wild game meat donation program. The program is administered by Roadrunner Food Bank. Eleven game meat processors across the state are accepting donations of deer and elk meat. All donate game meat will be used to help feed New Mexico’s hungry and homeless

Hunters wishing to donate their deer or elk meat or people interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the processing fund should go to http://www.rrfb.org/hunters for more information.

New Mexico Hunters Helping the Hungry (NM-HHH) is a wild game meat donation program.

Donation to an Individual

Use the following certificate if you give game meat, fish or parts of game animals to an individual.

Possession Certificate
(2021-22 New Mexico Hunting Rules & Info)