Advanced Workshops

NMDGF Wildlife & Fisheries Careers Virtual Academy 

Any person can participate in this fun virtual experience.  These 20 modules are designed to educate and inspire participants in pursuing a career in the wildlife & fisheries profession.  Get a glimpse into these professions and hear some great advice along with being educated.  To get the best experience participants are encouraged to watch all modules which are listed below:

  1. Introduction and brief department overview with Storm Usrey and Craig Sanchez (18:25 min:sec).
  2. A career as a wildlife biologist round table discussion with Elise Goldstein, Austin Teague and Casey Cardinal (37:47 min:sec).
  3. Wildlife capture, handling and ethics with Travis Zaffarano (43:03 min:sec).
  4. Wildlife monitoring of elusive species with Nick Forman (26:11 min:sec).
  5. Aviation use in wildlife management with Dr. Nicole Tatman (41:35 min:sec).
  6. Dart gun use in wildlife management with Josh Waldrip (15:08 min:sec).
  7. Net gun use in wildlife management with Orrin Duvuvuei (34:04 min:sec).
  8. Telemetry use in wildlife management with Bill Taylor (50:27 min:sec).
  9. Bird surveys and capture techniques with Erin Duvuvuei (27:52 min:sec).
  10. Habitat management for wildlife with Jennifer D’Annibale (14:04 min:sec).
  11. Survey techniques for amphibians and reptiles with Leland Pierce (34:45 min:sec).
  12. The NMDGF rule cycle with Kevin Rodden (33:06 min:sec).
  13. SHARE with Wildlife Program and Bison-M with Dr. Ginny Seamster (42:24 min:sec).
  14. A career as a fisheries biologist round table discussion with Eric Frey, Richard Hansen and Jane Trujillo (35:26 min:sec).
  15. Fisheries data and what it means with Shawn Denny (36:19 min:sec).
  16. Recovery of a fish species: Gila trout case study with Jill Wick (35:41 min:sec).
  17. Electrofishing in rivers, streams and reservoirs with Jane Trujillo and Edward Enriquez (41:29 min:sec).
  18. A career as a conservation officer round table discussion with KC Gehrt, Kayla Brauer and Matt Ordonez (30:09 min:sec).
  19. Behind the scenes round table discussion (other positions besides biologists and officers) with Lisa Brejcha, Tim Sintas and Max Tenorio (28:51 min:sec).
  20. Conclusion with Storm Usrey (4:41 min:sec).

Additional educational opportunities, beyond this virtual academy, can be found here:

  1. Hunter Education course options can be found here:
  2. Trapper Education course may be accessed and taken from your NMDGF customer account main menu.  If you don’t have a customer account, you can easily set one up here: Once in your account, go to the main menu to take the trapper education course.
  3. You can complete the Cougar ID Course by accessing your NMDGF customer account through the online license system.  The course can be found on the main menu once you are in your account.
  4. OHV Safety course information can be found here:
  5. New Mexico Boating Safety Course.  This is a user pay course.
  6. First Aid & CPR.  It is recommended to visit the American Red Cross website for available training & classes near you:

Storm Usrey
Conservation Education Coordinator
Phone# 505-222-4740

Dennis Segura
Sport Fishing / Aquatic Resources Education Coordinator
Phone# 505-222-4727