New Mexico Record Fish

New Mexico Record Fish Application

For a fish to qualify for a New Mexico Record Fish, anglers must catch one of the 25 fish species that are outlined in the official application and exceed the weight of the current record. For your fish to qualify as a New Mexico Record Fish, you do not have to be a resident of New Mexico. Fish must be taken legally in New Mexico waters that are open to the public without fishing charges or fees.

Current list of New Mexico Record Fish

Fish SpeciesAnglerWeight / Length of FishWater of CatchYear Caught
Green SunfishMisty Crowder1lb. 6oz. – 13”Elephant Butte Lake1996
Striped BassJim Secor54lb. 8oz. – 45”Elephant Butte Lake1992
Longear SunfishPatricia Stout1lb. 12oz. – 10 ½”Elephant Butte Lake1985
Largemouth BassSteve Estrada15lb. 13oz. – 26 ½”Bill Evans Lake1995
Smallmouth BassCale Sanders7lb. 3oz. – 24”Ute Lake2006
White BassJoe Alexander4lb. 13oz. – 19 ½”Bill Evans Lake1983
Spotted BassThomas Forni5lb. 14.72oz. – 21.5”Lake Carlsbad2019
CrappieOscar Buck4lb. 9oz. – 16”Black River1983
BluegillThomas Smith3lb. 1.5oz – 11 ¾”Lovington Lake1963
WalleyeG.L. Peppers16lb. 9oz. – 32”Clayton Lake1989
Yellow PerchBob McFall2lb. 5 1/3oz. – 16”Maxwell Lake1995
Kokanee SalmonMark Casias5lb. 0oz. – 22”Eagle Nest Lake2021
Cutthroat TroutElias Mierra10lb. 2oz. – 24 5/8”Latir Lakes1981
Brown TroutC.T. Colgrove20lb. 4oz. – 34 ½”Chama River1946
Rainbow TroutPeter Romero31lb. 12 1/2oz – 33 ½”Santa Cruz Lake1999
Lake TroutPaul Casias31lb. 6oz. – 41 1/2”Heron Lake1999
Gila TroutTodd Polak4lb. 8oz. – 20”Gila River2007
Brook TroutJack Campbell5lb. 0oz. – 21”Hidden Lake1996
Tiger MuskieJustin Easley31lb. 14oz. – 56”Bluewater Lake2012
Northern PikeSamuel Roy36lb. 0oz. – 53”Miami Lake1974
Paul Casias36lb. 0oz. – 53”Springer Lake1978
Longnose GarLynn Nymeyer12lb. 8oz. – 39 ¼”Pecos River1986
Flathead CatfishJim Wilson78lb 0oz. – 47 ½”Elephant Butte Lake1979
Channel CatfishJulie Kulhan36lb. 8oz. – 38”Stubblefield Lake1999
Blue CatfishDavid Gower54lb. .25oz. – 43 ½”Elephant Butte Lake2005

Official Rules

Rules for qualifying a New Mexico Record Fish

  1. New Mexico resident and nonresident anglers are eligible.
  2. Fish must exceed the current state record by one ounce or more.
  3. Fish must be caught in New Mexico waters that are open to the public without charge or fee. Fish caught at farm ponds, fee-fishing lakes, ponds or streams or in waters restricted to use by club members or club guests do not qualify.
  4. Fish must be caught by legal methods during open season.
  5. Fish must be weighed on a certified scale (e.g. grocer, feed store, etc.). Another person (not the angler or
    companions accompanying the angler at the time of catch) must witness the weighing.
  6. Measurements must be made with a metal ruler or tape. Another person (not the angler or any companions
    accompanying the angler at the time of catch) must witness the measurement.
  7. A New Mexico Department of Game and Fish biologist or district officer may verify the species.
  8. A side-view color photograph (visually clear) of the fish is required. The fins must be spread open to the extent possible. Applicants grant permission to NMDGF to use photo(s) provided.
  9. Application must be received within 30 days of catch.
  10. Completed application must be signed by the applicant and witnessed by another testifying to the application’s validity.
  11. The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish reserves the right to investigate the identification, methods used and the measure /weight accuracy. NMDGF also reserves the right to reject any application.

To be eligible, you must weigh and measure your catch and fill out the application below. Mail the completed application to the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, Attn: NM Master Angler, 1615 W. College Boulevard, Roswell, NM 88201, or electronically at