Hunting Lands & Maps

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Hunting Lands, Programs, and Maps

The state of New Mexico offers a wide variety of lands from mountain to desert for hunting and fishing recreation.
Learn more about access to federal lands, Native American lands, New Mexico state lands, and private lands).
See also Land Access Rules.

Mobile Apps

New! A free mobile app is available from New Mexico Game and Fish Department powered by Pocket Ranger® to enhance hunting and fishing in our state. Click here for more information.

The app offers easy access to hunting and fishing maps, fishing reports, license purchasing, rules and regulations publications, news releases, and more. The app includes quick access to Operation Game Thief, mobile-accessible and New Mexico Wildlife magazine.

For the BLM-New Mexico CarryMap app, please visit the BLM website for information and support: 

Land Access and Map Links

Courtesy Cards

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish encourages all hunters and anglers to use courtesy cards to exchange information for a positive landowner-sportsman contact.

New Mexico state law requires sportsmen to obtain written permission prior to hunting, fishing or trapping on posted private property (NMSA 30-14-1). Violation of this statute is a misdemeanor offense and could lead to a revocation of hunting and fishing privileges for up to three years. Ignorance is no excuse, it is your responsibility to know the law and your location at all times.

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish encourages all hunters and anglers to use courtesy cards (see link below). By exchanging information on a courtesy card, a positive landowner-sportsman contact is established. Landowners are much more likely to all allow access if they have the names and vehicle descriptions of sportsmen.

Private Property Courtesy Card Printable

Please respect landowners’ private property.