Big Game Units (and COER Maps)

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Big Game Units (and COER Maps)

Click the tab headers below for information on Big Game Unit Maps or Core Occupied Elk Range Maps.

GMU Map Boundaries

The following maps describe a Game Management Unit or GMU (subdivisions used to manage big game species) in the state of New Mexico. Boundary maps below offer PDFs for download.

A free mobile app is available from New Mexico Game and Fish Department powered by Pocket Ranger® to enhance hunting and fishing in our state. Click here for more information.

PDF Maps

To view unit descriptions click preferred unit for PDF download. Files are each around 1 to 3 MB.

See also: Icon of Game Management Unit 48 Map Supplemental Game Management Unit 48 Map Supplemental

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GMU’s: Shapefile and KMZ

Game Management Unit Shapefile  (Must have ArcView or similar GIS software to view):

Icon of New Mexico GMU, Shapefile zip (October 2017) New Mexico GMU, Shapefile zip (October 2017)

Game Management Unit KMZ file:

Icon of New Mexico GMU, KMZ file (October 2017) New Mexico GMU, KMZ file (October 2017)

Core Occupied Elk Range Maps

NMDGF continually works to improve the distribution of landowner elk authorizations. As part of the process, the Department provides the Core Occupied Elk Range (COER) maps for public viewing. The following maps represent the Core Occupied Elk Range (COER) by Game Management Unit (GMU). The COER represents areas within the state of New Mexico where the Department is actively managing elk and elk habitat. In some cases the entire GMU may be within the COER, in others only portions of the GMU will be within the COER.

Landowners that are already participants in the Elk Private Lands Use System (E-PLUS), formerly the Landowner Sign-up System (LOSS), will be receiving a new agreement in the mail, (signed agreements due back to the Department by February 1). Landowners with property within the COER who have not already signed up for E-PLUS will be eligible to apply for participation by the annual February 1 deadline.

Applications for E-PLUS can be downloaded from the Hunting page. Landowners with property in areas that are not within the COER can call their Area Game Manager to negotiate hunting opportunities specific to their deeded private land. The negotiated hunting opportunities on these properties will be limited to ranch-only hunts within the boundaries of the deeded land.

NMDGF Map Contacts

For more information regarding these maps please contact:

NW Area Office
Bill Taylor – Regional Biologist
NM Dept of Game and Fish
3841 Midway Place NE
Albuquerque NM 87109
(505) 222-4700

NE Area Office
Vacant – Regional Biologist
NM Dept of Game and Fish
226 Cruz Alta Rd
Taos, NM 87571
(505) 309-2576

SW Area Office
Kevin Rodden – Regional Biologist
NM Dept of Game and Fish
2715 Northrise Dr
Las Cruces NM 88011
(575) 532-2100

SE Area Office
Austin Teague – Regional Biologist
NM Dept of Game and Fish
1912 W. Second St
Roswell NM 88201
(575) 624-6135

Wildlife Management Division – Santa Fe
Aaron Roberts – E-PLUS Manager
NM Dept. of Game and Fish
PO Box 25112
Santa Fe NM 87504
(505) 476-8033