HIDALGO COUNTY – On October 10, 2015, Operation Game Thief took a report of a pronghorn antelope which had been poached near the Virden/Red Rock area on Highway 92. Sergeant Derek Theobald investigated the incident. During the investigation Justin Beck claimed to have hit the antelope with his truck, and had Jamie Housley shoot the antelope because it had a broken back. Sergeant Theobald found no evidence to support their claim that the antelope had been struck by any vehicle. They then called Lawrence Yeomans to assist in field dressing and butchering the animal. All admitted that they knew they should not have shot the antelope and should have called Game and Fish immediately after hitting the antelope, and before picking the antelope up. The 3 individuals were charged and convicted of illegally killing and possessing an antelope and received fines totaling $600. The Department is also seeking civil restitution for the antelope. It is illegal to possess any part of a protected species in New Mexico without having the proper permit, certificate or invoice. To salvage the meat or any part of game found in the field contact your local Game Warden or the local State Police office BEFORE picking the animal up. To be placed on a meat list for poached game contact your local Game Warden. Salvageable meat is sold at low cost to those in need.