JAL– Game and Fish Officers solved the recent suspected poaching case involving a spike mule deer.

Operation Game Thief received a call from a concerned citizen who reported finding a spike mule deer carcass. That information was passed on to a Department officer who found the carcass dumped at the end of South 6th street in Jal.   All of the edible portions of meat had been removed from the carcass and the hide and attached head had been dumped. Spike deer are not legal for harvest in New Mexico; legal bucks must have at least one forked antler .

According to the Department officer the spike had probably been killed one to one and one half weeks ago possibly during the Unit 31 muzzleloader deer season.

Game and Fish Officers visited with residents living nearby and found the individual who admitted to dumping the carcass at the location. The investigation concludes that the deer had one forked-antler and one spike, the individual was a licensed deer hunter.