Virtual Aquatic Education Presentations @ Virtual Presentation / Aspen Community School, Santa Fe
Mar 1 all-day

NMDGF will present two virtual Aquatic Freshwater Ecosystems Power Point presentations to two different classes of 5th graders from Aspen Community School.

This event is closed to the public.

Fisheries Monitoring Virtual Field Trip @ Zoom Virtual Field Trip / Santa Fe Public School
Mar 2 all-day

River Source will work with students to learn about fisheries monitoring during a virtual class session.

40 students will participate in this event (7th graders from around the district in Santa Fe Public School). In this session, students will learn how to collect, analyze and report their findings from watershed monitoring and report the impacts to fisheries’ water quality standards and fish health. Staffing is provided by Department contractor, Richard Schrader and Carlos Herrera.

This event is closed to the public.