National Archery in the Schools Program

The National Archery in Schools Program introduces students to competitive archery at school and bowhunting through summer programs. It also provides safety training, shooting techniques, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, citizenship and caring in prospective shooters and hunters.

New Mexico Game & Fish officers, volunteers, and competing students at the National Archery in Schools Program tournament 2015.

Why Use NMDGF National Archery in the Schools Program?

To engage more students in school, improve classroom performance and reduce dropout rates. New Mexico school dropout rate is 30%. Most students (88%) who drop out of school indicate they were not involved in extra-curricular activities. Educators nationwide are reporting that the National Archery in Schools Program “engages the unengaged” and inspires students to greater achievement in school. The improvement of self-confidence is the key. The student will experience success in the program because that is how it is designed. As the student improves they will gain self-confidence. With the self-confidence they will ask more questions and gain more information. The combination of self-confidence and information will improve test scores and overall improvement of self-worth.

Curriculum Standards

The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) has been designed to meet National Education Standards and has created curricula for grades 4 & 5 Elementary, 6-8 Middle School, and 9-12 High School.

The following links to the NASP curriculum:

Principles of NASP

National Archery in the Schools (NASP) follows these basic principles:

• NASP is taught during school for 2-8 weeks
• NASP teaches target archery
• NASP lessons are presented by NASP-trained teachers
• NASP equipment is identical from student to student

NMDGF Archery Coordinator

Contact the New Mexico Department Game and Fish Archery Coordinator to get the latest training information.

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
Archery Coordinator
Brian Guzman
(505) 222-4726

The First Step is Easy

Participating schools must send at least one teacher to an 8 hour NASP Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) training course to become a certified archery instructor.

NASP Basic Archery Instructor Agenda 3-7-2014

The teacher or volunteer must complete a simple NASP Application to scan and e-mail back to the New Mexico Dept. of Game and Fish Archery Coordinator.

NASP Application and Background Check 2014

After staff has been certified in NASP they may order NASP equipment and start teaching students!

1: Every teacher in the program is required to undergo 8-9 hours of archery training, regardless of the teacher’s level of archery experience. The training and training packets are provided at no cost.

2: A signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

NASP Memorandum Understanding For Grant To School

3: Every school in the program acquires, at discount prices from the NASP, a standard, safe, durable, modern, and universal-fit archery equipment kit. The kit is designed for teaching a class of 20-30 physical education students.

Every child in the program uses the exact same bow, arrow, target, and shooting style when learning the program. This standardization is one of the reasons the program has such high self-esteem benefits – no matter how much or little income the student’s family might have, they all use the same equipment, just as basketball and football use the same ball in every competitive event.

The price of the NASP equipment kit @ $2,500-3,000 each is sometimes an obstacle the school administration must overcome. However, there are a limited number of grants from New Mexico Dept. of Game and Fish in the amount of $1500.00, and a limited number of grants from National Archery in the Schools Program in the amount of $500.00 and many schools receive assistance from archery clubs, community organizations, fundraising, local National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Chapters and Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (SFW).

4: One “Archery Kit” consists of:

10 Right Hand Genesis bows
2 Left Hand Genesis bows
2 boxes arrows
5 targets
1 arrow curtain
1 repair kit
1 bow rack

Order Form

NASP 2014 Order Form Public School Or Government

FET Exemption Form

NASP Federal Excise Tax On Archery Equipment Exemption Form

2017 NASP Tournament

2017 New Mexico State Championship NASP TournamentMarch 11th, 2017
NMDGF Archery in the Schools Program.

Flyer: Icon of NASP Tournament 2017 New Mexico State Championship NASP Tournament 2017 New Mexico State Championship

Albuquerque Convention Center
401 2nd Street NW,
Albuquerque, N.M. 87102


Nationals Information

2014 NASP® NATIONALS: Kentucky Exposition Center – May 8, 9, 10 7-9, 2014


• Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center @
• Parking: $8 per Entry for All Vehicles
• Admission for 8 year old and up is $5/day/person (registered archers & coaches are free)
• Food & Beverage sold on site — KEC does not allow carry in or coolers inside building.
• Registration fee: $30/archer (3 coaches free) – paid on-line when registering


Go to: All Times Eastern Standard (EST)
Pre-Registration: March 17 @ 8AM – April 11 @ 5PM EST. All archers and teams are required to pre-register. Archers or teams not pre-registered will be placed in a later tier for registration.

Pre-register your roster to optimize access to preferred shooting (flight) times.

Registration: Access opens according to the following schedule. Registration opens at 11am EST on April 14 and closes at Midnight on April 18th.

April 14 Tier 1: 1st place teams from each state by Division & 1st-10th place individuals
April 15 Tier 2: Team scores greater than 2,999 (Elementary), 3,199 (Middle), and 3,299 (High)
April 16 Tier 3: Team scores greater than 2,849 (Elementary), 3,099 (Middle), and 3,199 (High)
April 17 Tier 4: Team scores greater than 2,699 (Elementary), 2,999 (Middle), and 3,099 (High)
April 18 Tier 5: Team score greater than 2,599 (Elementary), 2,899 (Middle), and 2,999 (High)

Must have valid BAI number, username & password for on-line registration access.

Any changes after registration closes will need to be addressed on site, one hour or more before scheduled flight time.

No archer or team is guaranteed participation at Nationals. When flights fill according to the tiered schedule above the tournament will be closed. No additional space is available. Participation is capped at 10,800 students.