For in-depth trapping and license information, please reference the furbearer section (PDF) of the 2019-20 New Mexico Hunting Rules & Info booklet. To view hunting and trapping regulations for all species, please view  the publications page for the 2019-20 New Mexico Hunting Rules & Info.


Protected Furbearers

Protected furbearers that may be taken during open season are raccoon, badger, weasel, fox, ringtail, bobcat, muskrat, beaver and nutria.

Taking of all other protected furbearers is prohibited. These include, but are not limited to, pine marten, river otter, black-footed ferret and coatimundi.

New Mexico furbearer protected species, the Bobcat.


Bobcat Pelt Tag Report 2018

Unprotected Furbearers

Unprotected furbearers include coyote and skunk.

There is no closed season or bag limit on unprotected furbearers or unprotected species.

Know the Difference

• Underside of the tail is white to the tip.
• Ear tufts are under 1 inch in length.
• Cheek tufts are not prominent.
• Brownish color with black spots (usually)on the belly.
• Total length from 25–37 inches.
• Feet appear small with no hair between pads.
• Track size is under 2½ inches wide.
• Stride length is 20 inches.
• Tail has a black tip and is not white underneath.
• Ear tufts are at least 1½ inches in length.
• Cheek tufts prominent.
• Grayish color with no spots on the belly
• Total length from 32–37 inches.
• Feet appear large with pads covered by hair.
• Track size is 3½–4½ inches wide.
• Stride length is 28 inches.

Lynx in snow, side-view photograph.