Registration & Permits

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Resident & Non-Resident Requirements

Click the tab headings below to learn more about resident and non-resident OHV registration requirements in New Mexico.

New Mexico OHV registration rules require resident riders to display a validation decal on their OHV off-highway vehicle.New Mexico residents are required to register their OHV at any Motor Vehicle Division Field Office.

Contact: New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).
Phone: (505) 827-4636 | Toll-free: (888) 683-4636

New Mexico requires state residents to have a mandatory registration for all OHVs used on public lands, and the display of a validation decal.

Registration is required for OHVs prior to using on any public lands in New Mexico and must be displayed.

$53 Initial registration
$50 Thereafter

(OHVs must be renewed every two years – if used on public lands)

Non-resident permits are required for OHVs prior to using on any public lands in New Mexico and must be displayed. If a non-resident is from a State (see list below) that has not established OHV registration or a user fee, then the non-resident must purchase New Mexico ‘s Off-Highway User permit.***

North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia


New Mexico OHV registration rules require non-resident riders to display a validation decal on their OHV off-highway vehicle.All OHV riders from out of state require a permit on public lands and display a validation decal. Nonresident permits can only be purchased online with a Visa or Mastercard. 

Obtaining an OHV Permit Online

$48 Two-year permit*
$18 90-day permit
*Two-year permit must be renewed every two years from the date of initial registration.
* Non-residents who have proof of a valid OHV registration, user fee or similar fee, may not need to purchase the New Mexico Permit. Please check the Fee Exceptions tab for a listing of those states.

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Off-Highway Vehicle Program has temporarily run out of the non-resident OHV registration permit decals provided by the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division. Please retain your printed receipt from the purchase process. It will serve as proof of registration while operating your OHV in New Mexico. A printed registration permit decal will be mailed to you as soon as they are available. We should have the decals no later than mid-December 2017. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Contact: New Mexico Department of Game and Fish or any New Mexico Department of Game and Fish office.
Phone: (505) 476-8000
Web site: or

Non-Resident Fee Exceptions

*** With the passage of SB 379, the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle (OHV) law changed the requirements of non-residents who need to purchase a non-resident permit. The new law now recognizes a non-resident operating an OHV is in compliance with New Mexico if that person: is currently in compliance with another state’s off-highway vehicle registration, user fee or similar law or rule demonstrated by certificate of registration, permit or similar evidence…(66-3-1004.C NMSA 1978).

A non-resident with an OHV from one of these states must purchase either the 2 year non-registered permit sticker for $48.00 or the 90 day permit sticker for $18.00 prior to operate on New Mexico’s public lands.

A non-resident from the remaining states need not purchase New Mexico ‘s permit as long as they can provide valid proof that they have a current registration, user fee or something similar for their off-highway vehicle. If a person cannot provide valid proof of possessing such a document then they must purchase the 2 year non-resident permit sticker or the 90 day permit sticker. It is a misdemeanor for any person (even a juvenile) to fail to possess the proper permit or registration for an off-higway vehicle and display the required decal on their OHV. Persons in violation of this provision can receive a fine of $60.00 or more and may not ride on public lands.

OHV Registration for Military Members

A member of the U.S. Armed Forces who is assigned permanently to a military installation located within New Mexico has 30 days to obtain a Resident OHV permit from the Motor Vehicle Division of New Mexico.

If temporarily assigned and New Mexico residency will not be established a 2-year or 90-day nonresident permit can be purchased if no other valid registration permit is in place from another state.

Decal display chart for motorcycle, all terrain vehicle (atv), snowmobile, and recreational off-highway vehicle (utv/rov) - OHV Registration in New Mexico


In addition to your valid registration, a U.S. Forest Service approved spark arrestor is required to ride on public land.

The muffler on your off-highway vehicle should have a stamp showing U.S. Forest Service approval as shown here.

US Forest Service approved muffler stamp for OHV registration, OHV use on New Mexico public lands